A to Z Obscure Disney World Tips: X

X is for: Xanax for Your Feet

For months before every trip to Walt Disney World, I embark on a quest for the perfect shoe.   Because if my feet aren't happy, I'm not happy.  So I've spent a lot of money on adorable yet comfortable shoes. But every trip to Disney World, I end up falling back on my old stand-by: Crocks.  And not the cute little numbers they've evolved into---I'm talking first issue, drab blue, complete-absence-of-anything-resembling-style Crocks. 

I know they're ugly, and I know they're only made of rubber, but it's a miracle rubber, because when pushing the Disney World pavement to its limit, these are the only puppies that don't have me crying by mid-afternoon.

To be fair, I know the darling Naot sandals I purchased for the last trip would've stood up to the challenge, however, it was a rainy week and I didn't want to risk ruining my new leather shoes, so it was Crocks to the rescue again.  An extra bonus of the rubber is that it completely dries out when you duck inside---so much better than having to squish around in soggy socks or saturated leather all day.

You can buy Disney crocks with Mickey-eared holes at the Disney World parks and resorts, but if you want a pair, don't wait for the rains to come---they sell out quickly.

Disney World Trivia
 Without searching for an image, tell me off the top of your head - what color are Donald Duck's shoes?


Keebles said...

Donald doesn't wear shoes silly! His feet are orangey-yellow!

I SO know what you mean about the feet! I'm a sworn Teva follower, but I still limp pretty bad about halfway through the trip and when we get home I still can't walk for a week! I keep saying I'm gonna get on the treadmill earlier and earlier to train, but I never do!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Can't do crocs.
Be sure to stop by my blog on Saturday - I have a surprise for you!

Janie Junebug said...

I can't wear crocks. They frighten my feet. Donald's shoes are puce and mauve.


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed this post and have no idea what color Donald's shoes are...

Suze said...

Hey, remember Tevas?