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Insecure #Writers Support Group: Awesome Inspirations #IWSG

Thank you all so much for your encouraging words last month regarding my anxiety about leaving my laptop behind whilst I skipped across the pond. To be honest, I feel silly for having even given it a thought. As most of you said, it's good to step completely away once in a while. I returned re-energized and eager to attack writing projects that'd gotten buried under my giant stack of virtual papers. Today, I simply want to share pictures of literary interest---because I know you writer types will find them fun. I took these during my most excellent adventure in London. Shakespeare's Globe Theater It's rebuilt with the only thatched roof in London, not on the exact spot as the original but darn close. (BTW it's AWESOME to have a sister who lives in London to be my personal tour guide. She's loaded with lots of interesting factoids.) 221b Baker Street Home of...Sherlock Holmes! You almost forget he was a fictional character rather than a real pe