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Bring on the Romance!

Today is the launch of Cheri Colyer's debut Young Adult Paranormal Romance, Embrace . To celebrate, she's throwing and Embracing Change launch party and has written a fabulous guest post for my place.  Take it away, Cherie... Bring on the Romance by Cheri Colyer I love falling in love. That weak in the knees feeling you get when you meet that special someone. The wondering if he likes you too. Discovering everything there is to know about each other.  Romance novels let us do this over and over again. I’m not a big believer in love at first site. I think it’s more accurate to say that two people were instantly attracted to each other. It might be the way his lips tugged upward into a half smile when he was trying not to laugh or the hint of something untold when he glanced your way. Maybe it’s the way he is with other people or simply his Irish accent. Sometimes you aren’t even sure why you’re drawn to this person. In Embrace, Madison Riley feels a strong pull toward the n

DeJa Vu: Should I Have Faded to Black?

Yahoo, it's time for the much anticipated DeJa Vu blogfest !  Hosted by D.L. Hammons , Katie Mills , Lydia Kang , and Nicole Ducleroir .  I look forward to reading lots of great posts today. :) For the fest, I decided to dust off the very first blog post I ever wrote.  I still stand by everything I said in it, and I've noticed that the topic of sex in writing comes up a lot in the blogosphere---particularly during Insecure Writer's Group. So here you have my musings on the matter:  Should I Have Faded to Black? Originally posted March 6, 2010 My mother read the sexy chapters in my book.  She is less than happy. I s'pose I could end this particular blog right there; I mean, it's no big shock that a mother would have trouble with her daughter writing such a thing, right?  But what really bothers me about it is that those few chapters seem to have skewed her overall view of the story.  The message that I hoped to convey has been lost amidst her shock and h

Christmas Cards

I've got the stack o' pain-in-the-arse Christmas cards (almost) ready to go, so I'm rewarding myself and sharing with you a Christmas card of sorts that I actually enjoyed putting together. My college roomie recorded this song in the 80s and it's still the one I most look forward to hearing again when the season rolls around. So tell me the truth---what's your position on Christmas cards? If you send them, do you do it because you want to or because you feel like you have to? And if you don't---rock on, and for how many years have you been card-free? ~.~.~  Aaand, now it's time for the weekly Author! Author! Blog Bounce. Check out the Omnific Publising blog for lots of fun announcements, including a contest in which you can win a $100 Amazon gift card (ends really, really soon!), the December 99 cent Sale , aaaand the introduction of Omnific merchandise ---T-shirts, mugs, whatnot of Omni titles.  

Please Fill in My Blanks

I'm just going to be up front:  I want to take advantage of you. Alex J. Cavanaugh's Insecure Writer's Group brings so many talented writers to my place, and since the purpose of the group is to help each other out, I'm asking you to give it to me.  Help, that is.  I'm writing a short story for a friend, and I'm stuck on a line---that's where you come in.  Please read and consider the following and let me know in the comments how you'd fill in these blanks: "For the last ever-since-I’ve-been-here years, the holiday parties have sucked harder than (a) __________ on a teat full of __________." The more innocent and less political the connotation, the funnier I'll find it.  Also, I want it to be fabulous.  No pressure... Thank you for your participation. :) Haha!  I am having so much fun reading your creative thoughts.  Just as witty as I expected. It's Thursday now, so I'm going to piggy back this post onto the Author!

Talking to Tara Tyler

Hey, grab a mug o' whatever and please join me at Tara Tyler Talks where I fess up to which parts of Three Daves are based on my reality.  I'm dying to see what you think of my alternate title. ;)