It's Not Paranoia if It's True July #IWSG

Happy July! Y'know, this monthly meeting of the Insecure Writer's Support Group really puts the ol' highlighter to how quickly time moves. I hope you're all have great summers - or winters, depending on which hemisphere you inhabit. Here's a picture of what's going on in my corner of Illinois. Yes, that's yet another storm rolling in from the west. WHATEVER!

An update for those of you who remember the tadpole video from last month: the tire tracks have dried up but I see no evidence of dried up frog babies, so let's all assume they grew their little legs in the nick of time and hopped off to live full, rich lives, okay? Now, onto the IWSG question of the month...

What personal traits have you written into your characters? 

Most of my female main characters have difficulty fully trusting people---the leading man in particular. They get that from me, and it's what ends up causing  the most conflict in their relationships. From the time I was young, I realized that when a lot of my "friends" were coming to my house to hang out with me, they were actually there because they wanted a chance to hang out with my cute older brother. I understood that my high school boyfriend had no idea who I really was but only wanted a girlfriend and...you know, what most teen-aged boys want.

Although I tend to still be distrustful by nature, I think I've gotten better at accepting that some people may actually like me for me. But my characters are a lot younger than me and haven't learned that yet. So many of them will continue "putting up walls," as we say in #BachelorNation, and thank goodness---because otherwise, my novels would all be about two pages long.  

There are two reasons why we don't trust people. 
First---we don't know them.
Second---we know them. 

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