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Michael Di Gesu. Nuff Said.

Here is my promised interview with Michael Di Gesu , talented interior designer, writer, illustrator, former model, and blogger extraordinaire. Right now he's celebrating the awesome news that his newest novel, The Blinded Gardener , made it through the first round of the American Breakthrough Novel Award! (Here's an excellent description of ABNA at erica & christy's blog). Congratulations, Michael.  I'm sure he's almost as excited about that as he is about winning my Junk in a Box competition. ;) The Interview:    1. When did you start writing, and what made you realize you loved it---was there a single moment or more of a realization over time? I started writing two years ago. With the economic crunch hitting at that time, interior designers were the first to get cut. Clients were not parting with their money. They were scared. I found I had much more time on my hands. Too much time. I had always loved fantasy novels and J.K Rowling and Terry brook

Did We Grind Dance in the 80s?

The administration at the local high school recently banned grind dancing at school functions, so naturally that's been a topic of discussion in these parts.  Among the many things that surprise me about the phenomena of children willingly doing everything short of fornicating in the middle of a public dance floor, are the comments I've heard from people who've graduated from high school within the last ten years. They've told me: "What's the big deal? Haven't high school kids always danced like that?"      Um, I don't think so.  I went to plenty of proms and homecomings when I was in high school, and although I'm sure my boyfriend and all the other guys would've loved to rub their business all over us girls, I don't at any point remember me, or any of my girlfriends, or even any of the skanks at my school inviting them to do so in the middle of the dance floor.  Is my memory lacking, or did we high school students not grind dance

eBooks, Review, Party and Whatnot

First, a few announcements:  Three Daves is now available on the Barnes & Noble Nook , and also in ePack (PDF, ePub & MOBI).  Much thanks to Omnific's hardworking graphic designer, Coreen Montagna, for making it happen.  Also... Three Daves got a super awesome review at A Tale of Many Reviews !!!  Here's a snippet: Three Daves is the sweetest, tragic yet works out well, love story I have read since The Notebook . Elson has written characters that I adore and every twist, turn, change, growth, obstacle, and step they took I went right along with them. Having just finished reading, I have a sense of relief for the characters,  goose bumps on my arms, and a smile on face. Yeah, pretty big smile on my face too.  And now for some pics from London...1980s style!  My darling sister threw an 80s bash for me and her girlfriends, all of whom are also ex-pat Americans living in London.  It was so much fun getting a peek inside of my sister's life abroad, and amazingly

The Fashion Statement

I've gotten another entry in my Junk in a Box Competition! This one's from the wonderful Michael Di Gesu .      The Fashion Statement These are all ties and other accessories Michael wore in the 80s for photo shoots during his modeling days in New York. Can you say Movado?  Isn't it cool?  I'm touched that he took the time to put this all together for my little contest.  As I've already informed him, he's the big winner!  He'll receive a signed copy of Three Daves (so excited to have him read it) and a One Hit Wonders of the 80s CD.  And you'll be treated to an upcoming post on everything Michael.  :)  All three entries were fabulous, and the entrants incredibly sweet to indulge me, so I'll also send the two runners up a One Hit Wonders of the 80s CD. Also, I'd like to explain why I've been so delayed in visiting your blogs and responding to your lovely comments.  I've been hanging out with these guys (and my sister who took th