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Welcome to the 2016 edition of the Spooktacular Giveaway hop, hosted by Bookhounds. I'm so happy you stopped by. Think of yourselves as trick-or-treaters on my front porch - 'cuz I'm giving away treats to everyone who knocks on my virtual door!


A Freebie for Everybody
Throughout the hop, I'm offering my twisted fairy tale novella, HANS & GRETA absolutely free to everyone who stops by. Throughout the entire hop, you can download a mobi, epub, or pdf of
The InstaFreebie giveaway ends when the Spooktacular hop does. 


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My Spooktacular Giveaway
While you read, one lucky winner can enjoy an overpriced beverage from Starbucks on me! (I've been known to offer the winner the option of switching to an Amazon gift card, if they prefer.)


Constellation by Jennifer Locklear is Here!

Congratulations to Jennifer Locklear on the publication of CONSTELLATION, a contemporary romance novel released today!

She's intelligent, beautiful, and emotionally numb.
He's older, sophisticated, and harboring secrets.

Up-and-coming executive, Kathleen Brighton is ready to launch her family's firm into the next level of success. Polished and professional on the outside, Kathleen's personal life is a source of constant struggle and letdown. But after one night alone with Jack Evans, her sexy new colleague, her life takes a turn toward erotic intensity.

Torn between her instinct to guard herself and her irresistible desire for Jack, Kathleen has only known heartache. And when she finds herself in the middle of a shattering personal crisis, she must trust fragile and uncertain bonds to survive. Will Kathleen conquer the demons of her past to find a future worth fighting for?


About the Author
Jennifer Locklear lives in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. She married her high school sweetheart, Morgan, in 1995. She is the mother of two children, a son and daughter.

Jennifer enjoyed creative writing as an adolescent, but set aside her favorite hobby to concentrate on college studies, career and family. In 2010, she rediscovered her passion for writing when her husband recruited her to edit his own stories. They co-authored and published their debut novel, Exposure, in 2014.

Since 2000, Jennifer has been employed in fundraising and development for a non-profit organization. She has been a contributing reviewer for the “Bookish Temptations” book blog and is a founding moderator of “Argyle Empire,” an approved fan site for author Sylvain Reynard.

She also enjoys participating in charitable activities, both locally and online.
Constellation is Jennifer’s first solo novel.

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How Do You Know? #IWSG

Welcome to the October edition of the Insecure Writer's Support Group, a time to release our fears into the world and support one another. Be sure to visit the IWSG site for details about the current anthology contest! 

This month's question is:

When do you know your story is ready? 

One thing every writer has to accept is that we can't wait for perfection - because that will never happen. No book is perfect. But we still want it to be as good as it can be before we put it out there. To that end, these are my rules of thumb for knowing when a book is ready: 

1. After I've received feedback from unbiased critique partners and have addressed their issues.

2. After I've let the story "cool off" long enough to come back at it with a fresh critical eye.

3. When I no longer have nagging qualms about story, characters, or flow.

And then what's it ready for? Not for publication. It's then ready to go through editing. 


Let's hope my next book is ready, 'cuz it's coming out on October 19! If you'd like to take part in the festivities in any capacity (there's an easy-peasy Thunderclap option) please visit the WHEN IT HOLDS YOU LAUNCH FORM
Thank you!


This post is part of the monthly blog hop/therapy session known as Insecure Writer's Support Group, founded by the one and clonely Alex J. Cavanaugh.


Congrats to @JenLaneBooks on the release of SPIKED #NewAdult #Sports #Romance

SPIKED is the third and final book in the BLOCKED series by Jennifer Lane. It makes a great end to a wonderful series. You can read my full 5 star review at Goodreads.

Jennifer took time during her release festivities, to answer a question for me. Take it away, Jen...

Nicki asked, "If you had to choose one song that best captures the essence of SPIKED, what would you choose and why?"

At times, music serves as inspiration for my writing, especially for Spiked, which features a singer / songwriter hero: Mateo Ramirez.

I remember hearing the song "Wounded" by Third Eye Blind years ago. I interpreted the lyrics as a loving man trying to help a woman recover from a trauma:

Well I never claimed to understand what happens after dark

But my fingers catch the sparks at the thought of touching you

When you're wounded

This song very much fits the story of Spiked (Blocked #3).

Get SPIKED today!

Meet the Men of the Blocked Series
Blocked: Dane Monroe, 6'8" blond gigante, volleyball setter
Aced: Alejandro Ramirez, med student, baseball player
Spiked: Mateo Ramirez, soulful singer / songwriter

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