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#BookReview ACCIDENTALLY ME by @kim_karras #BlogTour

I don't usually do reviews here, but I was thrilled to be asked to be a part of this review tour—and even more excited when I downloaded the ARC and was simpatico with the main character on page one. ACCIDENTALLY ME by Kim Karras *  Amazon * Barnes & Noble  * Books & Things  * Deseret Books *    “Maybe, just maybe, if I can convince Dad that I’m in enough danger at home, he won’t mind shipping me to California for school. But there’s only one problem. If I hope to pull this stalker scheme off, I’m going to need more than just a scary story.” Sabrina has been trying to be the perfect child her whole life to convince her parents that she’s more than just an “accident.” Now she is desperate to go to her dream college, but her parents want her to stay close to home. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and Sabrina must team up with an unlikely ally to get what she wants. But she can’t let her parents discover her plan. If she wants to maintain her perfect

Is It Wrong... #IWSG

Happy August, everyone! Lately I've been learning a lot about marketing from successful indie authors. It's truly amazing and wonderful how much sharing goes on in the indie author community, and I've definitely picked up a lot of solid, actionable advice. But taking all this in has brought on a brand new insecurity for me. This solid, actionable advice is usually couched amid language like, "How to make a living at writing." And I realized ... I ... I don't aspire to make a living from my writing. Don't get me wrong, I'm all in for doing what I can to help readers find my books, and if a living's-worth of royalties ever drops on top of me, I'll gladly accept every dime. But I don't want to devote myself full time to writing and marketing. I just don't. I like having a job that's separate from my fiction writing, and I like the freedom to blow off writing and marketing for big chunks of time. Is that okay? Am I still a writer

Nice Abs! Cover Reveal for SPIKED, Book 3 in the Blocked Series by @JenLanebooks

Congratulations to Jennifer Lane on the completion of her wonderful New Adult sports romance series. SPIKED is the third and final book. As Jennifer's critique partner, I've had the pleasure of already reading a draft of this story. You all are in for some great drama and fun in this final installment.  SPIKED won't be released until October, but I have the cover for you today... ✯✯SPIKED by Jennifer Lane✯✯ Cover Reveal The cover for book 3 in Jennifer Lane´s Blocked Series! Spiked Blurb They say University is the time To find yourself But I don’t need to find myself Just want to find you After watching his older siblings find their love matches at Highbanks University, Mateo Ramirez feels unlikely to follow in their footsteps. What girl would want him? Unlike his brother and sister, he battles diabetes and chooses music over sports. But at least he can write songs about his life—and the girl who caught his eye when their parents ran against ea