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Let the Stomach Churning Begin: Revealiing #Vibrizzio @SwoonRomance

Today's the day the cover for VIBRIZZIO gets plastered all over the book bloggerverse! If you haven't bumped up against it yet, you can see it at Will Read for Feels . Or A British Bookworm's Blog , Collector of Book Boyfriends , The Phantom Paragrapher , BookSkater , Carol Oates , The Book Addict ,  etc. etc. etc. Thank you to Xpresso Book Tours for organizing such a smashing event! I'd love it if you'd come back here to let me know what you think of the cover. The blurb is posted along with the cover, but at my place I'd like to give you just a smidgen more. Below is a teensy excerpt from a conversation between our leading lady & her BFF.  It's the gist of the story in few words: “Just because he’s a guy doesn’t mean he and I can’t be just friends.” “And just because you don’t have to insert batteries into him doesn’t mean you can’t be more." VIBRIZZIO has it's first review ! The lovely Jennifer Lane , author of chart-topper B

Something Wicked is Here! Congrats @CarolOates

It's heeeere, Something Wicked by Carol Oates. Now available Kindle  *  Nook  *  Trade paperback For the enticing blurb & author bio, please visit my cover reveal post . Carol took time during her busy release week activities to stop by and answer one simple question: If you had to choose one song that best captures the essence of SOMETHING WICKED, what would it be and why? There were quite a few songs on an eclectic playlist when I started writing this. It’s difficult to pick just one. For writing the 19th century scenes, I preferred something with a classical feel. I love Divenire by Ludovico Einaudi and listened to it while writing an early scene, which was particularly horrific for the main character. It was the scene where Henry goes through the final moments of his transition to a vampire. He doesn’t realize the extent of what has happened to him and is, in fact, filled with a sort of hope that he’s still alive and will see his family and his prec

Insecure Writer's Support Group: January 2015

Hello, hello, hello! Welcome to the first 2015 meeting of the Insecure Writer's Support Group , founded by the one and clonely Alex J. Cavannaugh . (If you haven't joined the club yet and are interested in learning more, click on either of the links in the preceding sentence.) JUST read the memo about the brief introduction, so here it is: I live in the Chicago 'burbs w/ one husband, one bunny, one teenaged son, and a daughter who also lives across the state border at university. I work in digital and print marketing for a local retail icon so I get to do lots of writing at my day job. I realize now that I've written fiction in my head my whole life but I didn't start putting my stories into words until the summer after I turned 40. I'm so happy I didn't wait any longer. I burrowed pretty snuggly into the Land of Offline the past several weeks, so I'm excited to bop about today to see what's up with all of you. My insecurities are the same ol

Something Wicked...wait for it...Awesome! @CarolOates

I'm taking part in the cover reveal of SOMETHING WICKED by Carol Oates. I think you're gonna like it... New Adult Historical/Contemporary Supernatural Releasing January 20, 2015 from Omnific Publishing  Hooray!!! Carol is a wonderful writer and I love it when she goes dark, so I'm really looking forward to this one. Here are some more deets: Infected by the vampire virus on the streets of Dublin in 1886, the search for a cure brought Henry Clayton to London and to the brink of madness. Salvation and friendship arrived in the form of Dougal, an immortal Highlander with a devilish sense of humor and a love of life. Amidst turmoil in vampire society, Henry returns to modern day Dublin. The Circle, a cult determined to awaken their Celtic blood god, the first vampire, is once again active. When Henry meets a young American woman who sees past his human pretense, he fears exposure. However, his fear is overshadowed by curiosi