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Sneak Peek Inside NEW RomCom Release WHEN IT HOOKS YOU #SummerLovin

Today's the day my newest Chick Lit/Romance hits the e-stands at Amazon . We're welcoming it into the world with a review tour, hosted by the fabulous Lady Amber's Reviews . Visit any of the review tour posts linked below (on or after the day indicated) to enter my giveaway - prize is a $10 Starbucks Gift Card & a Beaded Bookmark, just what you need for settling into a good book. But first, I think it's only fair that I answer the question I always ask of my visiting authors: Q: Name one song that best captures the essence of WHEN IT HOOKS YOU . A: Easy. "Friday I'm in Love" by The Cure. The bouncy beat with just a touch of the band's trademark melancholy matches the mood of the story. And the sentiment is perfect for a girl who decides to commit to a life of no commitments. She's free to fall in love with a new guy every Friday. At least that was the plan...  ~ . ~ . ~ WHEN IT HOOKS YOU Review Blitz (I'l

Too Much Information #IWSG #AmWriting

Do you ever feel like this? I'm trying to be a good little author and learn more about marketing so that my books can find their audience, and it's awesome to have all these online resources literally at our fingertips, but MAN! There is so much freaking information out there! And everything's always changing, advice often conflicts, and it's just plain impossible to absorb everything. So I'm simplifying. I just opted out of a whole bunch of Facebook groups, staying in only those I've actually found to be helpful in the past, and I'm going to focus on learning one tiny new thing at a time rather than trying to learn everything and thereby learning nothing. My latest tiny new thing was to figure out Twitter cards. I noticed that some Thunderclap auto-tweets include a nice picture, some have no picture, and some have really awful blurry pictures. Websites that are set up correctly for Twitter cards are the ones that get the fabulous pics. That'