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An Award-Winning... It's NOT What You Think! #IWSG May 2019

Happy May! I hope all of your Aprils were good. It snowed twice during April in my neck of the woods. TWICE. But still, it was a pretty good month. Writing took a bit of a backseat as I prepared to have the family over for Easter brunch.  I did get to write some fun clues for the marathon Easter egg hunt, though.  Here are the hunters nearing the mother lode of eggs:  And my kids and I had a super fun time getting the Brookfield Zoo practically all to ourselves on the latest snowy day. We made good friends with this little fella below.  Click on the image if you want to see him going nuts chasing my daughter's mold-o-rama.  Also, I wrote a big fat newsletter for the boutique department store where I work. That always does a pretty good number on sapping my creative writing energy - but I like to think it's primed me for getting back to it. I mean, I do have to be pretty creative at fitting all the requests of eight different buyers and managers into the