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Crazy, Stupid Love

How much do I adore the name of this bloghop to celebrate New Adult fiction? Soooo much! Because Crazy & Stupid are the two things I love most about writing New Adult tales. Characters in their late teens/early 20s are allowed to make certain mistakes that just aren’t nearly as cute & lovable when made by someone older. And I do so enjoy it when my characters exercise their right to let their judgment lapse. The book I’m giving away today is my New Adult novel, Three Daves , which follows university co-ed Jennifer Whitney from age 19 to almost 22. Our girl makes all kinds of mistakes, especially when it comes to boys, but despite her failures, she continues to give romance the ol’ college try---determined to find the elusive “one.” Did I mention that the story is set in the 1980s? a Rafflecopter giveaway Discover more New Adult reads and enter to win them . Thanks Braine & Debbie of Talk Supe for hosting this most excellent hop. These two lovely ladies

Black Velvet Seductions

Hey, just want to let you know that I'm a guest over at Black Velvet Seductions  today. I answer a ton of questions about...well, pretty much everything, so I won't to lie---it's a looong post. But for fun, what say you skim it (leave a comment there, if you please) then come back here & answer ONE of the following: 1. Who is my celebrity crush? 2. Have I read Fifty Shades of Grey? 3. How much is Three Daves in Kindle ( Nook too) today & tomorrow in celebration of Omnific Publishing's Three Year Anniversary ?

Happy Anniversary, Omnific Publishing!

Today is not only Valentine's Day, it's the Three Year Anniversary of   Omnific Publishing . As one of the authors to have a short story included in the company's debut release, A Valentine Anthology , it also marks the anniversary of my first published work. (And Jennifer Lane 's birthday---Happy Birthday, Jen!) Pretty crazy and pretty exciting. Five novels were released on February 16, 2010, and the company now has 67 titles in its catalog. Many of them are shooting up the charts, and in 2012 one series shot all the way off and onto a six-figure deal at a major publisher. BREAKING NEWS: Make that TWO serieses sold to major publishers. Read about it here . But even better than that, Omnific is adapting to this growth & success  in a way that allows it to stick to its primary objective: a quality product in the form of unique, romantic stories that have been skillfully and thoroughly edited and presented with beautiful covers and interior design. Becau

Insecure Writers Support Group: 2/13 Edition

Hello, fellow Insecurists . I hope this month finds you all well. Thank you, Alexi , for inventing and hosting this monthly shindig that has become my most favorite thing in the blogosphere. Here are my not-so-deep thoughts for this month: I think because writing consumes so much of our waking hours and because we pour so much of our souls into it, it often feels like writing is our lives. So when we suffer a setback in our writing, like  a seemingly insurmountable plot issue, yet another rejection, or sinking Amazon rankings, it feels like everything is bad. Well guess what---writing is not your life. Writing is a gift you've been given, and I don't know its purpose in your life, or mine either, but I do know that you've also been given a host of other talents and blessings. Don't minimize these other wonderful things by letting a writing setback cast a cloud over them too. Instead, when the writing gets you down, chuck it aside for a bit and take joy in these oth