Showers & Flowers #IWSG

Hi, gang! Here we are in April, can you believe it? I know you're all busy, busy, so I'll get right to the optional IWSG Day question: When your writing life is a bit cloudy or filled with rain, what do you do to dig down and keep on writing?

Two things. One is---write. Even when I know what I'm spewing is garbage, I remind myself I can always go back and rewrite later. Eventually, I warm up and the words start flowing better. 

Secondly---this one tends to happen more by necessity rather than design---I step away from writing. For example, I host the big family Easter brunch, and as I've mentioned in a previous post, housekeeping is not my jam. So getting my abode in shape for entertaining left me with zero time for writing last weekend. But you know what? While I cleaned and cooked, I daydreamed about my story and worked out how to resolve some of the issues that've bugged me. Now I'm totally excited to get back to it. :)

I guess what I'm sayin' is---take time to smell the April flowers and soon you'll be raining words.

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