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Congrats to @AriaGlazki - Mortal Musings is Here!

Amazon US  •  Amazon UK  •  Amazon CAN  •  Smashwords  •  Barnes & Noble  •  Book Depository Congrats to Aria Glazki on the release of Mortal Musings ! Since the story centers on a writer struggling with his muse, I thought it would be fun for you to get a peek inside the head of the writer of this novel. Here are... 6 Things You Didn't Know About   Mortal Musings Take it away, Aria... 1:  I started writing the first version of this book as a high school senior. I was taking an independent study creative writing class, and my very patient advisor was waiting on pages, despite the fact that I had no idea what to write about. I still remember sitting in our school library, staring at the blank page of the computer, contemplating what inspiration is and how to get it. And then I made a character wonder the same thing, and that is how  Mortal Musings   began . 2: I gave up on that false start ever becoming a book, especially after feedback from the Crea

Top 5 Places for a First Date in #Chicago @Libertyfallsdwn

Today I'm over at Liberty Falls Down talking about dating in the Windy City. C'mon over and I'll buy you a drink ... or at least let you in on great places to get one. TOP 5 PLACES FOR A FIRST DATE IN CHICAGO

Insecure Writers Support Group: Identity Crisis #IWSG

Quick & simple: I'm not sure I'm writing in the right genre for me. I enjoy what I write, and telling love stories is what drew me to write fiction in the first place, but I know the single most important thing for any writer when it comes to marketing is to know your audience. I'm not sure that I do. I  look at what tops the charts in my categories, and I'm sure they're great stories - they obviously speak to a large number of readers - but  very few of them carry any appeal to me personally. They're jut not the kind of stories I'm interested in reading. I'm often mystified by tropes that consistently play well with romance readers. This makes me feel like an outsider in my own genre. I've enjoyed reading lots of romance novels, rarely ones on the bestseller lists, but then I pick up the Fellowship of the Ring and I get all tingly. Outside of Autsten, romance novels don't usually make me tingly. So what the hell am I doing writing the