Congrats to @AriaGlazki - Mortal Musings is Here!

Congrats to Aria Glazki on the release of Mortal Musings! Since the story centers on a writer struggling with his muse, I thought it would be fun for you to get a peek inside the head of the writer of this novel. Here are...

6 Things You Didn't Know About Mortal Musings

Take it away, Aria...

1:  I started writing the first version of this book as a high school senior. I was taking an independent study creative writing class, and my very patient advisor was waiting on pages, despite the fact that I had no idea what to write about. I still remember sitting in our school library, staring at the blank page of the computer, contemplating what inspiration is and how to get it. And then I made a character wonder the same thing, and that is how 
Mortal Musings began.

2: I gave up on that false start ever becoming a book, especially after feedback from the Creative Writing instructors at my University. They all hated it. 

But then, as I came to learn, they generally disapproved of all genre fiction.

Sometimes the pros are right; sometimes they aren't.

It takes time and experience to recognize which advice falls under which category. This is why you shouldn't throw any of your writing away!

3: After I finished Mending Heartstrings and sent it out on submission, I decided it was time to look at that false start again. Oh, the hindsight of maturity and experience. It was a mess.

But the basic concept was good, some scenes were solid (despite lots of head-hopping), and I wanted to finally finish (read: rewrite what I had, and then finish) this story. I'm so glad that all these many years later, this finished product exists!

4: Mortal Musings received several traditional publication offers.

Many people (including ones who should know better) have insinuated that I'm publishing this book on my own because I haven't received the "industry approval" of a traditional deal. That simply isn't true. For a variety of reasons, the offers I received weren't a good match for this book. Publishing independently is a lot of work, but it was the right call for this project, and what I really care about is getting my books into readers' (aka your) hands!

Every project needs to find its own way, and I encourage everyone not to rule out an option just because some people may look down upon it. Do your research, and then do what's right for you

5: When lining up for one of our graduation ceremonies, a girl from my class asked me to name a character in this book after her. Even all these many years later, I did.
The character didn't exist yet in the high school version, but that request made naming her a no-brainer. That's also why Erika's name is spelled with a k

6: The summer after I graduated high school, I met someone who shared my main character's name (Brett). He was the first Brett I had ever met, and remains the only one to this day. Life's funny that way.

But besides the name and being great guys, the two Bretts really don't have anything in common.

Do you have questions about Mortal Musings or how I write? Ask them in the comments!


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Insecure Writers Support Group: Identity Crisis #IWSG

Quick & simple: I'm not sure I'm writing in the right genre for me.

I enjoy what I write, and telling love stories is what drew me to write fiction in the first place, but I know the single most important thing for any writer when it comes to marketing is to know your audience. I'm not sure that I do.

I  look at what tops the charts in my categories, and I'm sure they're great stories - they obviously speak to a large number of readers - but  very few of them carry any appeal to me personally. They're jut not the kind of stories I'm interested in reading. I'm often mystified by tropes that consistently play well with romance readers.

This makes me feel like an outsider in my own genre. I've enjoyed reading lots of romance novels, rarely ones on the bestseller lists, but then I pick up the Fellowship of the Ring and I get all tingly. Outside of Autsten, romance novels don't usually make me tingly. So what the hell am I doing writing them?

This post is part of the monthly blog hop/therapy session known as Insecure Writers Support Group<, founded by the one and clonely Alex J. Cavanaugh.