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What the Rain Brought - June IWSG

Happy June, everyone! We're FINALLY getting some warm weather here in the Chicago 'burbs. A bit rainy still, but sunshine shows up every few days, and I'll take it. All the rain makes for interesting discoveries at the restored prairie by my house. Look where some crazy frogs decided to lay their eggs: But we're not hear to talk about amphibious parental decisions. We're here to talk about writing! Onto the optional question of the month. Optional IWSG Question of the Month: Of all the genres you read and write, which is your favorite to write in and why? Wellll, it seems like the answer to this question would be Chick Lit/Romance because that's the category my novels and my current WIP fall into, and I do so enjoy writing contemporary, realistic fiction. BUT I have to admit that I've had wicked fun straying from this genre and dipping a toe into darker, Supernatural passages - like in parts of Divine Temptation and Hans and Greta  - and into Ma