What the Rain Brought - June IWSG

Happy June, everyone! We're FINALLY getting some warm weather here in the Chicago 'burbs. A bit rainy still, but sunshine shows up every few days, and I'll take it. All the rain makes for interesting discoveries at the restored prairie by my house. Look where some crazy frogs decided to lay their eggs:

But we're not hear to talk about amphibious parental decisions. We're here to talk about writing! Onto the optional question of the month.

Optional IWSG Question of the Month:
Of all the genres you read and write, which is your favorite to write in and why?

Wellll, it seems like the answer to this question would be Chick Lit/Romance because that's the category my novels and my current WIP fall into, and I do so enjoy writing contemporary, realistic fiction. BUT I have to admit that I've had wicked fun straying from this genre and dipping a toe into darker, Supernatural passages - like in parts of Divine Temptation and Hans and Greta - and into Magical realism, like in Sway.

I enjoy writing lighthearted contemporary romance because I love love, especially the early tinglings of a new romance. But I also like to spend time in imaginary places, and sometimes contemporary fiction keeps me too grounded in this world. After I finish my current WIP, I think I'm going to take off into something more fantastical.

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Karen Baldwin said…
LOve the video. Is the prairie yours? I used to live in Ohio in the Oak Openings region and had
cultivated a one acre Ohio praire. My land also attracted the frogs and toads. A joyous, if not noisey, time when it was mating season.
Natalie Aguirre said…
I live in Ann Arbor and we've been getting tons of rain too. In fact, it's raining right now.

I have started reading more contemporary and mysteries, but my favorite to write in is still fantasy.
S.A. Larsenッ said…
Oh, I love the sounds in that video! So peaceful and it sounds like spring. Want to send some of that newly found warmth up north, please? It's still freezing up here. Can't believe I'm still wearing a coat. It's June!

Darker, supernatural stories/elements are my favorite. I am a lover of cemeteries and dark corners. :)
L. Diane Wolfe said…
I like the early tingling of love, too. All of my fiction has it.

Look at all the tadpoles! I hope they mature before the puddle dries up.
Sometimes I wish I could write humor and lighter stories. It gets awfully dark here in my imagination..... :o
Carrie-Anne said…
I don't think I'm capable of writing anything lighthearted, since I'm so serious and gravitate towards the dark, depressing, and macabre. Even my Atlantic City books, which are a mix of hist-fic, spoof, satire, and deliberately over the top humor, have an edge to them and lots of dark touches.
Sarah Foster said…
It's nice to take a break from your usual stuff and write something different. Sometimes we just have to go where inspiration takes us.
I don't do romance but I don't do heavy either.
That's a lot of baby frogs...
Jennifer Lane said…
Hooray for chick lit! And good catch on the tadpoles. Maybe you're a farm girl at heart?
Jemi Fraser said…
Love the video!! So many babies and it sounds like a piece of heaven :)
My heart goes with contemporary romance as well, but it is FUN to step out into those other genres!
I love love too :) It's been really interesting to read everyone's answers to what their favorite genres are.

Cheers - Ellen
Juneta key said…
Tadpoles are cute. Happy IWSG!
Jennifer Hawes said…
Your reasons are so compelling! I love all those genres too.
Oh my God, what will happen to the tadpoles? Does that water stay there?? The babies!!!

Anyway, I liked writing supernatural, too. I need to do some more.

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