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Insecure Writers Support Group - October Edition #IWSG

Hi, gang! I hope your Octobers are off to a good start. I sorta blew it on a pact I made with myself during IWSG earlier this year---to finish the first draft of my manuscript by the end of September. I'm not even close to finished, folks, not even close. Nor have I had much of an inkling to seriously dive in. The weird thing is...I'm totally okay with that. A year ago, I think I probably would've freaked out hearing myself say that. But the beauty of not making any real money at writing fiction is that I don't feel beholden to it. And right now, I'm truly appreciating the things I do when I'm not writing---more so than I did before I dove into writing, I think. Here's a picture of one of the things I'm appreciating more. It's a restored prairie across the street from where I live. It's the greatest place to walk and walk and walk whilst I catch up on listening to my favorite podcasts. Since I feel as if I should talk about something