Get in the Zone #IWSG

Hi guys! I hope May is finding you all a bit more combobulated than we were at the beginning of April 2020. Not that the future's looking any more certain or anything, but at least we've all had another month to adjust to...er, the weirdness of it all, right?

During April, I received edits back from my amazing expat editor who's quarantining across the pond in London. Working my day job for only limited hours these days allowed me time to make the recommended changes and format the manuscript for eBooks. Soooo...I'm targeting a release date or August 4, 2020 for MOLLY UNPLANNED.

Now to get my butt in gear for promo. Step One: get the ARC into reviewers' hands. If you're interested in reading a free eBook copy of this Chick Lit/Romance (About 90K words. Heat level: hot), in exchange for posting a review at Goodreads and/or Amazon, please send an email to author@nickielson.com and let me know if you'd prefer EPUB, MOBI, or PDF. You can read this post to see if the book is for you. Muchas gracias.

I also painted my bathroom last month. A while ago, in answer to an IWSG question, I said that my treat to myself for completing a manuscript is doing some sort of home project. Here's what Molly got me: 

Now it's time to tackle this month's optional question:

Do you have any rituals that you use when you need help getting into the ZONE?

Care to share?

Turn off the internet, set a minimum writing time of at least ninety minutes, give myself a stern talking to, and pound out words for ninety minutes or more, no matter how terrible, no matter how many times I delete and rewrite. At some point before the end of my slated time, I usually find myself in the groove. But sometimes it takes repeating the ritual a few days in a row to get there. That's really it for me, no secret sauce.

I look forward to learning your zone-achieving tips! 

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