A HERO LOST Playlist #BookTour #Anthology

Yay! I'm so excited that I got to ask my favorite authorly question to a whole bunch of the fabulous authors with stories in the brand new Hero Lost anthology. Here is your awesome Hero Lost playlist:

The Question: If you had to pick one song that best captures the essence of your story in the Hero Lost anthology, what song would you choose and why?

Jen Chandler

The song I would pick that best sums up the essence of my story would have to be Sarah McLaughlin's song "Building a Mystery". When I first got the idea for "Mysteries of Death and Life", that song crept into my mind and never left. Honestly, the story that came to me was a lot darker than the one I wrote. I'd love to really dive deep one day, find the darker essence of my characters and their stories. Alas, word counts require condensing. Perhaps there's a novella here waiting to be written one day?

Renee Cheung

“Dust in the Wind” by Kansas is probably a good embodiment of “Memoirs of a Forgotten Knight”. The idea that time erases everything is prevalent in the story in many ways, from the ages of knight and dragons to the state Cormac finds himself in by the end of the story. The song itself has a bittersweet tune that befits the tragedy of this forgotten knight.

Erika Beebe

“Fortunate Son” by Creedence Clearwater Revival would be Ethan Klaussen's song, the main character in The Wheat Witch. It relates to his attitude for a great deal of his life about himself. He has very little faith in humanity or any form of desire beyond his immediate world of work, his mustang and his bar near his house until a moment in the bar redefines him.

Sarah Foster

This was tough because I didn’t really have any songs in mind while I was writing the story (which is actually weird for me). But I think “Smoke and Mirrors” by Imagine Dragons is a good fit, particularly for Mikah’s character in “The Last Dragon.” The band’s name is just a bonus. :)

Elizabeth Seckman

I'll go with "That Old Black Magic" by Frank Sinatra.

Yvonne Ventresca

“Hey Jealousy” by the Gin Blossoms because “The Art of Remaining Bitter” focuses on envy. The song is more about jealousy in a romantic relationship, and my story is about sibling rivalry, but there is a longing in both of them that is similar.

Tyrean Martinson

"How You Remind Me" by Nickelback ran through my head on repeat until I wrote "Of Words and Swords." I don't think it fits the story exactly, but the tone fits Maud, the main character.

L. Nahay

For "Breath Between Seconds," the song would be '"Doomed'" by Bring Me The Horizon.

Hero Lost
Mysteries of Death and Life
An Insecure Writer’s Support Group Anthology

Can a lost hero find redemption?

What if Death himself wanted to die? Can deliverance be found on a bloody battlefield? Could the gift of silvering become a prison for those who possessed it? Will an ancient warrior be forever the caretaker of a house of mystery?

Delving into the depths of the tortured hero, twelve authors explore the realms of fantasy in this enthralling and thought-provoking collection. Featuring the talents of Jen Chandler, L. Nahay, Renee Cheung, Roland Yeomans, Elizabeth Seckman, Olga Godim, Yvonne Ventresca, Ellen Jacobson, Sean McLachlan, Erika Beebe, Tyrean Martinson, and Sarah Foster.

Hand-picked by a panel of agents and authors, these twelve tales will take you into the heart of heroes who have fallen from grace. Join the journey and discover a hero’s redemption!


Insecure Writers Unite! #IWSG #amwriting

Hey, fellow insecure writers. How's it going?

My writing lately is mostly for the quarterly newsletter I write for my day job - but hey, writing is writing, right? And since space in the newsletter is limited and I have a LOT to cover in it, I get great practice at making every single word count. But it keeps me too busy, so this month I'll move right into the optional IWSG question:

What is the weirdest/coolest thing you ever had to research for your story?

Well, if you've read the blurb for my latest release, I ... uh ... yeaaah, forget that one. I'm gonna go in a different direction here. I'd say the weirdest research I've done for a story was to identify a tasteless poison that could be easily disguised on something like, oh, say ... Smarties.

Want one?


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