Whoa! Last IWSG of the year.

Thank you, thank you to my marvelous crit partner, Jennifer Lane, who gave me the reminder that today's the final 2017 meeting of the Insecure Writer's Support Group. Since I'm scrambling, I'll go right into the optional IWSG day question:

As you look back on 2017, with all its successes and failures, if you could backtrack, what would you do differently?

Hmm, I'm torn on this one. On the one hand, I didn't get a heck of a lot written this year, so I wish I'd set myself some firmer, more clearly defined goals from the get-go. On the other hand, I enjoyed separating from my writer-self and seeing that I'm still a whole person without it. It was a good 2017, so in the end, I guess I wouldn't go back and change a thing. 

One thing I've learned though...
When I 'm in the throes of writing, I always feel guilty that I'm not getting as much done around the house as I should - the cleaning, the cooking, the blah blah blah. I used to blame all the time spent writing. But in 2017, without doing so much writing, I STILL didn't get much of that stuff done. Ergo, it wasn't writing's fault! So, in 2018, when I get back to the writing, I can erase that old guilt. :)

Happy December, everyone. Merry, merry Christmas & happy Hanukkah 

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