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#Survivor FINAL 7 Playlist & Predictions #SurvivorSecondChance: Cambodia

It's happened. My obsession with the 31st season of CBS's Survivor ( Survivor Second Chance: Cambodia ) has spilled into a playlist. This has to be my all-time favorite collection of final seven players. Below is my tribute to them---with a theme song for each player at this point in the game, plus a bonus for all those who've been voted out.    (File this post under: What Happens When Nicki Cleans Her House. My imagination has too much time to play and usually ends up stuck somewhere completely how I became a writer in the first place.) The order of songs isn't random, I've ranked the players by who I think has the best chance of making it to final tribal AND winning the whole shebang. I explan my choices below. Even if you don't watch Survivor , I hope you enjoy the playlist .  #1 Spencer - " Levitate "   I've admittedly been in the young lad's corner since before he set foot on the beach, but he's playi

ACED Review Tour & Song Inspiration #IWSG

Today's meeting of the Insecure Writer's Support Group coincides with the release of a writer friend's book. Not just any writer friend--- Jennifer Lane has become one of my best writer friends. Not only is she an invaluable critique partner, she's a safe place to vent and an infallible voice of reason. She's a big reason insecurity doesn't keep me down for long. My Christmas wish for all of you insecure writers out there is for you to have your very own Jennifer Lane. :) The other thing about her is---she writes great books! Her new release. Aced , is the 2nd in her Blocked series, which I've found to be a fresh approach to New Adult. Below is my review at Goodreads . If you've already read Aced , get your review up on Amazon today and you'll automatically be entered to win a $25 gift card.  Join today's  Facebook Party   w ith  o ver 25 authors (including me from 5-5:30pm EST) and prizes. Jennifer lets us in on the musical inspira