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A Friday Quickie - Book Signings

Just popping in to let you know that I'm over at Savvy Authors today talking about the benefits of live signing events.  So if a signing event might be in your future, please stop by. That site requires registration to leave a comment, so feel free to leave your two cents here if you prefer.  Happy Friday!  The Real Reasons to Do Live Signing Events In other news, I have an unusual offer on the table & A signed copy of Divine Temtpation  is up for grabs at Goodreads.

Thrills and Chills

Today is The Thrill of it All Blogfest , hosted by Tara Tyler and Heather M. Gardner . The point of the fest is to thrill fellow hoppers with your own personal brand of thrillage. My entry is an excerpt from my latest novel, but before I give you that, I want to share some other thrilling news---to the left you will see the newly revealed cover of Hold Tight by Cherie Colyer. Hold Tight is the upcoming sequel to Embrace , a fabulous YA novel that has also gotten a brand new cover! Click on either image to see them bigger and get all the wonderful info. on these books. Congratulations, Cherie! For my blogfest entry, you'll see that I definitely went for thrills via chills. Here is an excerpt from Divine Temptation : Strings of vomit spilled out the sides of Tommy's mouth. The demon was trying to get out. A flash of fear ripped through Maggie, and then eased. Everything was going to be okay. She could take the pain from this child. She had the ability. All she needed to

What I Learned in Wyoming

The answer to last week's question is...yes, life without internet is possible, even enjoyable. The magnificent views definitely help to offset the sketchy outside communication. While visiting Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks, I didn't quite catch any bison standing in a steaming geyser basin, but I did get this... Midway Geyser Basin; Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming and this... Grand Teton National Park; Jackson Hole, Wyoming Surely I can Photoshop them together, yes? No? Well then, will you accept a moose in a marsh?  Roadside in Jackson Hole, Wyoming This was my first time venturing out to western Wyoming, and the trip was well worth it. Yellowstone is an odd combination of raw, freaky nature and civilization. I have to admit that the Counting Crows' lyric [correction thanks to Janie Junebug: 'twas Joni Mitchell's lyric (but it was the Counting Crows I heard singing it (my musical repertoire doesn't really

Is Life Without Internet Possible?

Well, I'm certainly willing to give it a go...especially if the views come anything close to what I'm promised above. Alas, it does mean I'll be out of touch for a week or so (heavy on the "so"). But M.J. Joachim has sent me off with a HUGE smile because of the review she gave to Divine Temptation yesterday. I was sweating that one out after noting that Mother Teresa - yeah, the one and only amazing Mother freaking Teresa - was one of the few writers on her recommend list, but I'm very pleased to report, I won't spoil it for you - go on, read the review . 

How Do You Like Your Heroes?

The adorable Jackie at Bouquet of Books  and Dani at Entertaining Interests are hosting this Heroes & Villains blogfest, in which we get to talk about our favorite heroes & villains... Me, I like the ambiguous type, so I have an affinity for the villains who are also heroes...and the heroes who are also villains. Today, I have only one name for you: Severus Snape . Of Harry Potter fame for those who don't know (is it possible there's anyone out there who doesn't know?). Throughout the series we learn that he is a man capable of both intense cruelty and profound, unselfish courage. What I love most about Snape is that he kept us guessing throughout the entire series. Even by the end, the answer isn't entirely clear as to whether or not he was good or bad. ***SPOILER (sort of) ALERT*** He certainly did good, even heroic, acts, but that doesn't erase the fact that he was a total arse to Harry and the other students for all those years, no matter what t

Divine Insecurities

I have a little something different for you for this installment of the IWSG, founded and hosted by the amazing Alex J. Cavanaugh . Fellow insecure writer Jennifer Lane has read and reviewed my latest release, and today she's interviewing me about insecurities & more at my place and posting her review at her place---now that's what I call support!  Nicki Elson (NE):  Thanks for being here, Jennifer. I was really, really touched that my book made it to the top of your reading list so fast. Jennifer Lane (JL): Divine Temptation was fantastic, Nicki! We've already discussed that paranormal isn't my favorite genre, but maybe angels seem more realistic to me than other paranormal creatures, because I really enjoyed it. What was it like for you to anticipate my review, knowing I'm not a big paranormal fan? NE:  I was a bit nervous, but I think more than that I was curious about what your reaction would be. In my opinion, this story is very much based in rea