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Publication Pitfalls #IWSG - August 2018

Hi, gang! Thanks for all the visits last month. I had lots of fun during my first time as IWSG co-host. For any of you who've thought about volunteering to co-host but haven't done it yet, I highly recommend it. The time commitment's not bad and it's a perfect opportunity to reach further into blogland and meet more IWSGers while learning from their experiences. The August optional question is: What pitfalls would you warn other writers to avoid on their publication journey? So many pitfalls...but I'll zero in on one bit of advice: don't obsess too much over one book. Whether you're seeking publication or the book is in the midst of the publication process or has just been released, don't let that one story consume your world - because that will drive you crazy and it's unproductive.  While you're in the waiting stages - waiting to hear back from agents/publishers, waiting for notes from your editor, waiting for the next sales promot