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5 Truths for Newb Novelists #IWSG

Happy May IWSGers! Believe it or not, I actually started writing this post ahead of time - and then I forgot to schedule it, d'oh. Anywho, here I am now. Lately, I've been thinking about the reactions I didn't anticipate before my first novel was published back in 2010. For the benefit of any about-to-be-published-for-the-first-time authors out there, I'm sharing 5 things I didn't learn until after my first book came out. For you experienced published authors, I'd love to know - do these "truths" hold for you, too? 1. No matter how many times you tell your friends and family that your main character isn't you, they won't believe you. 2. Once you've written and published one book, and no matter how many you publish after that, you will forever be asked, "When are you going to write a new book?" 3. You'll be amazed to learn how many people you know who've also thought about writing a book. 4. Friends who bought yo