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Stories Unplanned #IWSG

Hola, insecure writers! I'm skating in here at the last minute, so let's get right to that Optional Question:  Have you ever written a piece that became a form, or even a genre, you hadn't planned on writing in?  Up until now, no, not really. I did have a short story idea grow into a novella , and an idea for one book grew into a series of three , but I'm not sure if those really count. I'm letting both the form and genre find me on my current story idea, though. Right now, I'm thinking it'll be outside my typical chick litty romance genre...but somehow you know elements of my comfort zone are going to find ways to work themselves in. It could be a whole novel or just a novella. Maybe even a short story...or a series of short stories?? In other writerly news, my latest chick litty novel, MOLLY UNPLANNED , released yesterday!  I've found that a strategy of pricing at 99 cents for release and then advertising in a bunch of discount book e-newsletters is a