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No Stress Book Launch #IWSG

Okay, so, last month I said I'd get into more detail on marketing successes and failures with my latest release. I feel kind of strange doing this because I am no marketing expert (as my current Amazon ranking can attest), so please understand that I'm simply sharing my experience in case there's some tidbit you can pick up that helps you. This is NOT hard and fast advice.  Release Week Strategy In this month's post, I share the strategy that worked well for me for my book's release week. Bear in mind that my goals are far from lofty. But my strategy was simple and fairly stress free.  1. Set Release Week Pricing at 99cents & Advertise  The purpose of 99cent pricing was so that I could advertise the book through cheap reads e-newsletters. Here are links to the six sites I advertised with from August 4-6 (one day per each newsletter spread across the three days). Through past trial and error, I found these six to have good cost/benefit ratios for my genre—chick l