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This Ain't My Gramma's Breast Form

In preparation for the impending release of Omnific Publishing's two Summer Lovin' Anthologies on July 5, the proceeds of which will be donated to the Save the Ta-Tas Foundation , many of us participating in this week's Meet an Author Monday blog hop have breast-cancer related posts. Mine is about all the wonderful products available these days to make life after breast surgery more comfortable and just as active as the survivor wants it to be. I'm extremely (and inexplicably) fortunate that in the minefield of breast cancer, my only close encounter has been through my maternal grandmother.  She had a successful single mastectomy before I was even born, so the only thing I remember about it are the times she'd pass around her breast form at family parties.  You heard me right.  She'd gotten a new, satin, pillow-like thing that she was ever so pleased with because it was soft and not itchy.  Apparently describing it wasn't enough for her, because I cle

Thoroughly Smitten

I've just started a monthly series over at Thoroughly Smitten .  Each month I'll be spouting my opinions on a different fictional couple—those iconic romantic duos we love to love…or not.  This month is Harry & Sally.  If you care to stop over & leave a comment and vote in the poll, there just might be a cookie in it for you on Monday. ;)    -Nicki

Not Quite a Rockstar

A rockstar would probably be miffed at seeing her name on the marquis just above "Dog Training"...not squeal with glee and demand a photo. A rockstar would probably expect people to show at her gig...not exclaim "Really?!" when told there were fourteen registrations plus walk-ins. A rockstar would probably have rehearsed ahead of time...not relied on the grace of God and the wonderful questions and insights from attendees to keep the presentation flowing. A rockstar would probably have a whole stable of pens ready for merchandise signing...not wait for one of the purchasers to say "You're going to sign this, right?"   And I'm guessing a rockstar doesn't need to grasp on to her own hands during the "show" to keep them from wildly flailing about.  Ah, but a rockstar probably doesn't give out cookies, either, does she?  I do. :)  And today I'm giving them out to fabulous authors Trisha Wolfe and Killian McRae for hel

Meet Sweet Authors & Bloggers

I have seven things to tell you today: 1. The super sweet & fun Tara Tyler has given me the Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award, and that's why I'm telling you seven things about myself.  Thanks, Tara! I pass the award on to my 10 newest followers because I think its incredibly sweet that they were willing to put their tiny faces in my sidebar: Britta Alison Miller M.J. Fifield Ciara Knight Filho De Deus Obo (Can't find you on Blogger to link to :( ) Stephanie (Can't find you either :(  :( ) Roland Jo Schaffer Schaeeza 2. I've got lots going on around the blogosphere this summer and I'm going to use this opportunity to list it all here (mostly as a reminder to myself, ehe). 3. I'm participating in the Sizzling Summer Author's Event at Lisa Sanchez's blog throughout the month of July.   The event will be loaded with guest posts, giveaways, and lots of fun, and so my guest post on July 21 will appropriately be titled: "Authors Just Wa

It's All Fun & Games

My typical response when anyone says, "Hey, wanna play ** insert name of game here, any game at all **?" is a groan.  I don't know why, I just don't care for games. Maybe because the words "Its your turn" always seem to interrupt my conversations. Regardless, I have signed up for Alex J. Cavanaugh' s It's All Fun & Games blogfest in hopes that someone will come up with a game that'll strike my fancy. Good luck with that.  For my part, I've selected three games I can be talked into with a minimal amount of arm twisting, so maybe you'll like them too: Drink!   You know the game---where every time somebody says a certain word or does a certain thing, you take a drink.  For example, let's spice up this blogfest and everybody take a drink whenever Alex says "Ninja"!  We ought to be schnockered by noon. Bananagrams   It's a lot like Scrabble but much faster.  Everybody works on their word puzzle simultaneously, so