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Like Totally Interviewed

What do you get when you cross the Book of Psalms, Jane Austen, dating, and the 80s?  Three Daves .  At least that's how Alli Denning from Like Totally 80s sees it.  She recently read the book and asked me some great questions. What was fun about this interview was that Alli asked me some things that I've rarely, if ever, been asked, so I got a chance to give away some insider secrets, as well as look at my own story from a fresh angle.       LT80s Interviews Nicki Elson, Author of Three Daves

80s Fashion...with a Twist

What are they looking at?  I'll tell you what they're looking at---they're looking at us in our brightly-colored oversized shirts, in our giant earrings and skinny jeans.  They're watching us slip back into dressing like... them .  The three Heathers seem enthused, and why not?  Their favorite pastime is making fun of other people, so they are positively giddy to see 80s styles making a comeback.  Veronica, however, appears to be rightfully disturbed.  But fear not, 'Ronnie, because I submit that we have learned a thing or two in the past twenty-odd years.    Read my article at Like Totally 80s to see if you agree: 80s Fashions Return With 21st Century Corrections

I shall henceforth be known as: Local Woman

That's right, I've hit the small time---I am "Local woman" according to the headline in the free newspaper that will smack down on asphalt driveways throughout my town tomorrow morning.  Local Woman .  I feel like I ought to go out and get myself some sort of superhero costume.  "Oh no! I don't know which store has the best deal on cream of mushroom soup!"  "This sounds like a job for...Local Woman." This pic you see here, that's my Clark Kent look.  You won't even know it's me when I'm in my Local Woman garb, but I'll give you a  hint---it'll most likely involve a Batavia Bulldogs sweatshirt, black leggins, a Darth Vader helmet, a Harry Potter robe, and possibly Spongebob shoes. Cuz I'm fairly certain I can scrounge all of that together on very short notice.    

Two Great Sites

In celebration of me finally landing on a description for this blog, Ruminations on the 80s and writing , I'd like to point you in the direction of two wonderful websites that make the 80s and writing even more fun.  First up Goodreads .  My first thought about Goodreads was that it's sort of like Facebook for writers and readers.  But different.  Like Facebook, you friend people and get a feed on their Goodreads activity, but everything here is focused on literature.  You  fill bookshelves with all the books you've read, are reading, and want to read, and you can rate and review them all.  Also, there's space on your profile for a blog, for samples of your writing, for videos, and for exhibiting your favorite quotes from an enormous searchable quote library. If you like, you can become a fan of your favorite authors and join various groups to engage with readers/writers with similar interests. Additionally for writers, you can list your books and publicize upcoming ev