80s Fashion...with a Twist

What are they looking at?  I'll tell you what they're looking at---they're looking at us in our brightly-colored oversized shirts, in our giant earrings and skinny jeans.  They're watching us slip back into dressing like...them.  The three Heathers seem enthused, and why not?  Their favorite pastime is making fun of other people, so they are positively giddy to see 80s styles making a comeback.  Veronica, however, appears to be rightfully disturbed.  But fear not, 'Ronnie, because I submit that we have learned a thing or two in the past twenty-odd years.   

Read my article at Like Totally 80s to see if you agree:

80s Fashions Return With 21st Century Corrections

1 comment:

fallen monkey said...

Jeggings, check.
Oversized shirts, check.
Shoulder pads, (forgive me) check!
And I'll up the ante with three pairs of leg warmers.

But my shoulder pads are rather understated and do give my dress and jacket good form. I like to think it's aiming at more of a classic 1940s silhouette than 80s linebacker :)