80s TV Shows: Turbulent Tranquility

1987 - 1991

Click image to watch thirtysomething opening theme

If it was "A" day, I guess I'd call this one Angsty Adults.

As barely twentysomething during the tenure of this late 80s TV show, I didn't really get what they were all whining about.  Now that I'm a fortysomething...please God, let me be past all that.

"I mean, Michael's cute and all, but how much fun can it be sitting at home watching him sulk night after night?"

This series was influenced by a 1983 movie that also featured an ensemble cast of baby boomer yuppies.  What move was it? 

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Anne Gallagher said…
I loved this show too. And I know the movie. Well, I know who was in the movie. Can't think of the name. Jo Beth Williams, Kevin Kline, Meg Tilly, William Hurt, the tall skinny guy who did a remake of The Fly (I love him and can't think of his name) or the name of the movie. They went to a funeral (and the corpse in the opening scene was played by a very young Kevin Costener) and they danced in the kitchen to... Ain't to proud to beg.

See this is what happens when you get old. You forget pertinant information like the name of this movie, and I refuse to Google it because it will come to me. I just know it.
Anne Gallagher said…
I couldn't stand it. I had to Google it. Jeff Goldblum. The Big Chill. How could I forget Glenn Close, Tom Berenger and Mary Kay Place?
Liz P said…
I never saw this show, but you can really sense the angst just by the promo picture - everyone is purposefully looking at something other than the camera, except the blonde in the left corner.
Michael Di Gesu said…
I'm with you Nicki,

I wasn't old enough to appreciate their 30's drama... I had my own late teens and twenties drama.
Tara Tyler said…
the big chill!
i would have liked 30 something if i was thirty something too, i guess...
K.C. Woolf said…
I've never even heard of this show, but as a thirty-something, I suppose I'll have to watch :-)
g-girl said…
i only watched bits and pieces of it. i remember it airing at 10 and that was my bedtime. lol!

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