80s TV Shows: Visiting Viking

1982 - 1983

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This was a one-season time travel series about a pirate from the past who travels around fixing "problems" throughout time with a boy he saved in 1982.  I don't believe I ever saw this one, but in this photo, the pirate guy looks exactly like my high school boyfriend (or at least how I remember him).  It's kinda freakin' me out, actually.  Moving on...

"When the omni's red, it means history's wrong, its' our job to get everything back on track."

The guy who looks like my boyfriend, Jon-Erik Hexum, was expected to be the next big thing in Hollywood, but he tragically died in 1984 as the result of an accident with a prop revolver on set of his new TV series, Cover Up.

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I remember it - vaguely.
Anne Gallagher said…
I remember this show. I also remember (vaguely) his death. He looks like my cousin Tony. Was your ex's name Dave? (Lol. Just had to.)
Anonymous said…
Another show that sounds cool that I don't remember. The actor also look a little like Face in the old A-Team. He's quite cute. Sad that he died so young.
Elisa Dane said…
I remember this show! I was so sad when they cancelled it. And yeah, I remember my mother telling me the actor had passed. He sure was cute!
Suze said…
The boy also reminded me of someone from my childhood. Wonder if he'd be a household word featured on VH-1's 'Remember the '80s' had things gone differently ... Interesting that he's bringing to mind others for so many people.
g-girl said…
wow, one i don't actually remember!
Michael Di Gesu said…
I remember Jon-EriK.... such a tragedy. He had it all. I was in LA at the time. None of us could believe it.

Plain Jane said…
Wow, you almost dated "the next big thing"!

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