80s TV Shows: Jarring Justice

So the consensus on yesterday's show was pretty much "It's a...huh?"  Does this one sound more familiar?
Jake and the Fatman

Click image to watch intro.
In this one hour crime drama, a veteran District Attorney teamed up with a young private investigator to solve cases. The show started in L.A., moved to Hawaii, and then came back to L.A.

"If you were a lady, honey, you wouldn't have called me over here without clothes on."

Jake and the Fatman was supposed to be canceled after its first season, but it was saved when another 80s TV show ended and CBS wanted to make use of the expensive unexpired lease on that show's studio facilities in Hawaii---what show might that've been, hm?  


Michael Di Gesu said…
That had to be Magnum PI.

I watched this a few times, but I never stuck with it.
That is an excellent quote. I'm chuckling.

I never watched that show, but I remember commercials for it.
Misha Gerrick said…
Hehe cool quote. I never even heard of this show. So many stories never get to South Africa. :-(
Arlee Bird said…
Although I've heard of most of the shows you've covered so far, I seen very few episodes of most of them. I didn't watch much primetime TV during the 80s. Mostly I watched things that came after those hours like The Tonight Show, Nightline, SNL, and other late night shows. I was usually working during the prime time hours.

Hope you're having fun with A to Z.

Tossing It Out
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Sylvia Ney said…
Very cool blog. Thank you for the stroll down memory lane with trivia. I'm stopping by from the A to Z challenge and I look forward to reading more from you.
K.C. Woolf said…
I've definitely seen these guys before, but I can't remember ever watching the show.

Such a fun topic :-)

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