80s TV Shows: Think ER Wasn't on TV in the 80s? Think Again.

1984 - 1985

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I know!  Crazy, right?  I found out about this other E/R TV show during the trivia game at one of the 80s themed book clubs I went to.  80s E/R was a sitcom, but like the later ER, it was also based in Chicago.

"Stay back of the white line!"

A regular cast member of the later ER was also a regular on all 22 episodes of this E/R.  Do you know who?

More info. on E/R and other 80s TV Shows


Gregg Metcalf said…
Once again, never watched ER although I knew it was a craze. I didn't get into TV I guess until late in the 90's or 2000's. I know have had to purchase the DVS sets of series like Frasier, Boston Legal, CSI-Vegas, Burn Notice. Our TVpretty much sets on the Discover channel.

Gregg Metcalf
Colossians 1:28-29

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Michael Di Gesu said…
Clueless.. I never watched either E/R.
Kittie Howard said…
I didn't watch either ER much. Just couldn't get into it. Don't know why.
Unknown said…
How fun! I never watched either show, but I do like Grey's Anatomy. Does that count? :)
Lisa Galek said…
Nice! I didn't watch the 80's version and the 90's version kind of bored me. Good luck finding 80's shows for all the letters of the alphabet - I'm excited to see X!
Plain Jane said…
I used to watch the 90's ER for homework tv when I was in nursing school. Never heard of this one, though.
Suzanne said…
And I'm pretty sure George Clooney was in this one too.

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