80s TV Shows: Paradoxical Peers

Perfect Strangers

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This TV show was the odd couple of the 80s, with highly-strung "Cousin Larry" and the effervescent, naive, and hilarious Balky Bartokomous, fresh off the Mediterranean isle of Mypos.

"Don't be ridiculous."
"Oh Cousin, congratulations! Your ship has finally hit the fan."

 Perfect Strangers is set in one of the greatest cities in America, nay the world, with many famous city icons featured in the opening credits.  What city is it? 

More info on Perfect Strangers---Seriously, a whole website dedicated to his and no other 80s TV shows!


Tara Tyler said…
I thought it was New York - I was wrong. I won't give it away =)
Happy P Day!
Michael Di Gesu said…
Oh, if I don't get this one, I'll never hear the end of it.... Well of course, it's CHICAGO!
Anne Gallagher said…
I can't believe this show was on for as long as it was either. I did watch it, but I don't remember it.
I confess, I hated this show. Too bad because I loved his part in Beverly Hills Cop.
Unknown said…
I loved this show. Balki was always so funny. I remember when this was part of the TGIF line up.
Yup, Chicago! And Pinchot was great as Serge.
Jennifer Lane said…
My hip surgeon is a spitting image of Bronson Pinchot, LOL.

Question: How do I become friends with someone using Google Friends Connect? (not just a follower but a friend)
Kittie Howard said…
Oh, Nicki, we were overseas when this show was popular. I am totally clueless. One of life's trade-offs, I guess. But I do know the "Don't be ridiculous" phrase, Yay!
Oh no, now I have his voice in my head...

I'm glad they said Chicago - I was going to go with a P city like Pittsburgh just to guess!
Liz P said…
I remember watching this when it was airing new episodes. It aired during the awesome TGIF lineup (Carrie - I'm glad someone else remembers this!), so we always tuned in. I totally miss TGIF - I remember it started to go downhill when Boy Meets World starting airing (not a bad show per se, but the magic had gone).

And isn't Family Matters a spinoff of Perfect Strangers? Carl and Harriet worked in the building (mailroom or something?). Can't remember exactly.
Anonymous said…
Um, I'm going to guess that this series took place in Chicago? Though I, regrettably, can't recall from memory. It was a very funny and quirky show though. Quite enjoyable, and they were definitely an 'Odd Couple' alright. ;p

Have a good day, and God bless.

Susan Oloier said…
I completely forgot about this show. Thanks for the flashback.

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