80s TV Shows: A Quirky Quandary

Quantum Leap

Click image to watch a fan-made Quantum Leap video
I think my favorite part of this show was each week's ending---when Sam Beckett, scientific genius, would wake up in a new body, in a new time & place, usually in the midst of some sort of "Oh, sh!#" moment. Or as Sam would say "Oh, boy..."

Al (Sam's wisecracking sidekick who appeared to him through time as a hologram): "Don't do anything I wouldn't do. And if you do, take pictures."

Scott Bakula was recently (type) cast in as another scientific genius with recurring appearances in a contemporary NBC show.  He played Orion, the long-missing father of what lovable nerd/spy?

More info on Quantum Leap and other 80s TV shows


Vicki Rocho said…
When you started the 80's theme a couple weeks ago I didn't think there were enough 80's shows to get you through the alphabet. I'm astonished at how many I'd forgotten about. Good job!
Anne Gallagher said…
I LOVED this show. I love Scott Bakula. And I can't believe this show, of all shows only ran four seasons while some of the others you've listed ran for like 6 and 8. What were the producers thinking. I have so got to get this on disc.

In answer to your question, can I say "Chuck", even though I've never seen it. But you said nerd/spy and I thought of him.
Liz P said…
I loved how they handled the end of each episode. It was such a tease and gave you something to look forward to the following week. What a great show. We have it queued up in Netflix Streaming - definitely a series I want to re-watch.
Anonymous said…
I LOVED LOVED LOVED Quantum Leap!! Had a major crush on Scott Bakula too. This show was so clever and the characters just gelled so well. Although isn't Bakula now in that show MEN OF A CERTAIN AGE?? or something like that? Haven't caught that one yet but I'm in denial that he's aged too. ;-)

P.S. Thanks so much for your note on my blog, Nicki. You totally rock, girlfriend. :-)
Tara Tyler said…
I have no idea. But I like Scott Bakula =)
happy q day!
I forgot about Quantum Leap!

Last night, I visited two friends from high school. One had watched the TV Land awards. We were reminiscing about '80s shows, and I thought of your blog.
Michael Di Gesu said…
Now this show I did watch in the early 90's and LOVED it!

I don't know the answer to this question.
Cherie Reich said…
I loved watching Quantum Leap. Now it makes me want to get the seasons out and watch them again. Oh, boy!
Unknown said…
This was a great show. You're right that moment when he woke up in a new body was great. It made you have to watch next week
nutschell said…
OMG! I loooved this show! i'd stay up late just to watch it! what a great word for the Q post. :P wonderful meeting you through the a-z
Plain Jane said…
This show I really miss. I am always so excited if I catch an old episode, but my husband hates it. I don't know why...
Arlee Bird said…
Quantum Leap is one of my all-time favorite shows. I've got the complete disc set.

I have no idea what Scott Bakula was in recently though since I rarely watch TV shows.

Tossing It Out
Anonymous said…
LoL I use to LOVE this show, still do as a matter of fact. :D And I have very many happy memories of watching it with my Dad and Mum back when I was little. Very fun, and (mostly) family friendly series... and with a touch of absolute brilliance in the set-up. He could leap into just about anyone, and the settings varied quite a bit from week to week. :)

Oh, and 'Sam' played 'Orion' on Chuck. Another, somewhat nerdy show with a pretty inventive set-up. ;) And another one I'm really loving. :D Hmmmm, me think Scot must have a talent for picking good shows. ;p

Have a good day, and God bless.

g-girl said…
loved this show too!! why don't they make tv shows like in the 80's anymore? ;)
Suze said…
What a great concept for the A-Z challenge. The only nerdy spy that came to mind from that era was Harriet. :) Although the show 'Quantum Leap' came to mind when I saw your post about 'Unsolved Mysteries.' :)

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