80s TV Shows: D is For a Whole Decade of Decadence

1981 - 1989

Click image for a Krystal/Alexis Catfight
This was a daytime soap dressed way up for 80s prime time TV.  The Carringtons brought us blatant greed, sex and cattiness...and I'm pretty sure my parents wouldn't let me watch it. Dangit.

Alexis: "Nobody takes me to bed and to the cleaners in one night."

One of the main cast members regularly vetoed any story lines involving adultery.  Whoever could that have been?  By the way, after this blog challenge is over, I'll post the answers to these 80s TV trivia questions along w/ links to those who got each answer right.

For anyone hungry for more 80s nostaliga, Liz P over at 8-Bit Words is featuring 80s childhood memories throughout the A to Z challenge.

More info on Dynasty and other 80s TV shows


Unknown said…
I never watched Dynasty but I sure heard about it. I'll definitely be stopping over to 8-bit words for more 80's fun!!! Loving it :)
K.C. Woolf said…
Dynasty was all over the TV when I was a kid, but I've managed to avoid watching it.

Thanks for the link to 8-Bit Words too!
Michael Di Gesu said…
Man, Dynasty WAS the rage... but I enjoyed it it reruns.

The only person who comes to mind because I've met her would be Linda Evans... Crystal Carrington. She seemed the type.
Gregg Metcalf said…
Never watched Dynasty. Oh, maybe the reason is in the name itself, I just saw the word nasty. I will admit I did like Dallas and watched it when I could. But never got into the Dynasty thing, except in the 80's when my San Francisco 49er's were a dynasty.

Gregg Metcalf
Colossians 1:28-29

Gospel-driven Disciples
Grammy said…
Hi, loved Dynasty, also Dallas, which, I think, was around at the same time. :)
Kittie Howard said…
OMG, Dynasty! I adored that program, couldn't wait for episodes. Linda Evans was soooo perfect!

A great D!
Liz P said…
Thanks so much for mentioning my blog! :) I was a little too young for Dynasty (and busy with cartoons), but I remember my grandmother used to have all the soaps on while we visited.

Lovin' your posts!
Tahlia said…
Showing my age when I say it was on during my teens. Watched it when I wanted to groan and scoff at an over the top yankee soap. Good for fancy dresses.
Anne Gallagher said…
This was definitely Linda Evans. I remember reading it somewhere.
g-girl said…
i was too young to watch this (but i would try to sneak in watching every now and again). i liked emma samms!

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