A to Z Disney World Tips: A

For this year's A to Z challenge, I'd like to do my part to help each and every one of you achieve Hakuna Matata at what is one of the world's most wonderful, yet easily overwhelming, places on Earth:  Walt Disney World.  (And yes, maaaaybe I just want to relive my fabulous trip there last fall.)
Guide books and websites abound, so there's no need for me to tell you what you can easily find elsewhere. Rather, what I aim to do is give you some of the more obscure tips and tidbits that will maximize relaxation and enjoyment.  Likewise, I'd love for you to pass along your expertise in the comments as we go along. Are you ready?

 C'mon everybody, here we go...


Right, so for my first entry I'm going to completely contradict what I said above and give you a tip that's in all the guidebooks.  BUT this is thee essential key to enjoying the parks with both lower crowds and lower temperatures, so it bears emphasis. 

A is for: Arrive before park opening 

Setting an alarm while on vacation is a bit of a bummer but so worth it. And hey, if you're staying on Disney property you can set up a wake-up call to get your morning greetings from one of the characters.

The crowds feel heavy as you gather before the gates, but once the park opens, you all disperse and you'll fly through the queues for a good couple of hours.  Then you can sit and enjoy an early lunch, Fastpasses in hand, while you gloat at all the suckas first rolling into the park.  You are so going to zip past them in the Fastpass lane.

You can bide the 10 or 15 minutes waiting out front taking pictures:

My daddy

My kiddos

My adorable niece (who is going to rule the world one day)

I'm also going to do a related Disney trivia question each day---and there will be a prize for whoever answers the most correctly. :)

Disney World Trivia:
In what year did Walt Disney World officially open? 


Suze said...

My (huge) family (sibs, spouses, kids and my parents) are all making a trip to either Disneyland in Anaheim or Disney World (destination up for grabs, at the moment) this year.

I'm going to enjoy reading what you have to say about DW. Lovely pics of the fam, my dear.

Arlee Bird said...

I've only been there once--sometime in the early 80s. We went in January when it was cooler and the crowds weren't too bad. I bought one of those guidebooks beforehand and studied it and mapped out everything. We had a great time and saw everything we wanted to see.
Good start for your Challenge.

An A to Z Co-Host
Tossing It Out
Twitter: @AprilA2Z

Janie Junebug said...

This brings back happy memories of our Disney trips.


Lynn said...

I believe Walt Disney World opened in 1971. I visited there with my husband before Epcot was added. We went in October - loved that haunted mansion.

Cheers to A to Z. :)

Heather Murphy said...

YEAH! As I have written about in my blog, I go to Disney A LOT since I live so close. I can't wait to see what else you come up with. In face, I will be going again on the 20th. We always try to arrive before the park opens or right after (when the line goes down a bit)


I have never been to Disney Land but you paint a wonderful picture of it with your words and pictures.
Wonderful first challenge post.

Good luck with the rest.


Rob-bear said...

I've never been to the places you're discussing, and never had any inclination to make the trip. Thanks for the introduction to this part of the Disney world.

DL Hammons said...

You and my wife would TOTALLY get along! She is a Disney World DIVA and tips like these are what she lives for. (Kinda in the job description though...since she's a travel agent).

Great start to April!!

Stephsco said...

This is an awesome theme! I started to plan a Disney trip a few years back and got totally overwhelmed (it was with this whole dining pass thing and hotel discounts I found on a deals site - people had SO MUCH information I got lost in it). I never went but I'd like to. You're right about getting to the park early, always the best option for any kind of theme park.

Julie Daines said...

We're going to Disney land in a few weeks, I assume these same tips apply there. Thanks!

Kittie Howard said...

We haven't been in years, but you've stirred the blood -- waaa! -- I wanna go again. I remember the Back to the Future 'ride' - ha! We were in a room with machinations that made us feel like we were screaming down a mountain. Fun!

Great Challenge launch!

Leigh Covington said...

In all the times I've talked about Disneyland NOBODY has ever mentioned to do this! EVER! Sounds ridiculous, right? It should be a no-brainer! I'm using it for persuading my hub to go! Thanks for the tip!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Oh crap! DisneyLand was mid-fifties, but don't remember when DisneyWorld opened.

Jennifer Lane said...

Mr. Elson is adorable, as is Niece Elson (plans of world domination aside). I am not a fan of alarm clocks, but I guess your tip is a good one *grumbles*

Thanks for introducing me to this challenge!

Melissa Sugar said...

This would have been wonderful for me to read last week. My teenage daughter just returned from a church trip to Disney. I agree with the arrive early tip. One thing I did not know until they returned was that if you pay a little extra (or maybe it is free-not sure) you can actually gain entry to the park one hour before the masses. I am still confused about it, but my daughter thought it was the best thing ever.

I love your theme.

Tara Tyler said...


and i forgot you were doing this theme! ah!

Tara Tyler said...


M Pax said...

early 1970's would be my guess. I remember it opening. I was very young and so wanted to go meet Winnie the Pooh.

Keriann said...

opened in 1971!