Where Do You Write?

What I discovered about myself when I got my very first laptop almost 2 years ago, is that I'm a rabbit at heart and prefer to hole into little cubbies. Despite my new ability to venture away from the desktop and out of the confinement of the small office, I've landed in the even smaller butler's pantry as my primary writing space.

It's a narrow galley between the kitchen and the dining room w/ a pantry closet on one side and this small counter on the other.  I just couldn't focus in wide open spaces---far too many distractions.  So this is where I go when I need to get 'er done.  And yet, I'm still in the middle of the house and able to keep my mom-dar on. ;)

Yes, that's a wine fridge on the right---what's your point?  The beauty is that when company is coming, I can easily whisk away the office supplies (including the pens, etc. in the coffee cups) and *bam* it becomes a beverage oasis.  The guests leave, and *bam* it's back to my "office."

And when my attention deficit requires a change of scenery, I've got a couple other favorite spots.  To the left is the nook in my bedroom where I make the laptop earn it's name.  And when the temperatures warm up and the leaves sprout to form a little den, I spend long nights out on my screen porch.

So where do you like to write and why?  Join the Meet an Author Monday blog hop (hop on below or at Cali Cheer Mom's blog) and tell us all about it.

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Kelsey Ketch said…
Man, I wish I focused on some of the other places I like to write. LOL. I loving all the pictures! And a glass of wine while writing isn't a bad thing.
I also love writing in the kitchen, living room, and in the hall and empty classrooms on campus.
(Open ID doesn't seem to be working today)
CarolOates said…
My dream office will have either a huge picture window or will be in a sunroom. I have my deck picked out. It is glass inlaid with black birds all over it. I also have a big, comfy black leather chair picked out. The only thing is that I know I won't work there. lol. It will still be everywhere but at a desk.

Do you stand when writing in the pantry or do you have a stool?
Robin DeJarnett said…
What a postcard picture out your porch! Beautiful. And having wine at hand when writing is awesome! (yes, I'm a child of the 80's!)
Jessica McQuinn said…
Do you stand up to write Nicki?? HAHA!! I'm with you - I have to have a place that I'm still able to be Mom!

Great idea, by the way! This has been so fun to see a little into everyone!
Nicki Elson said…
Carol and Jessica - I have a chair on wheels in there that I ususally use, but a lot of time I'm inspired while I'm cooking or something and I'll zip over and get it all out while standing...and dinner burns!

Don't patronize me Ms. California DeJarnett--it's WHITE outside my porch! Ah, but you made up for it w/ the wine comment. ;)

Thanks for the back-up on the wine from you too, Kelsey. Empty classrooms---that sounds like an awesome place to write!
Nicole said…
I have some cute spots to write too - that's why I love my laptop - totally portable :)

The Arrival, only .99c on Amazon
fallen monkey said…
Aw, makes me homesick to see your house *sigh* - but I get the REAL DEAL in 2 days--YOU!!!
I tend to write in my office in my bog, padded chair! Sometimes on the computer, sometimes in a notebook.
Vicki Rocho said…
Loved your pics!

I'm usually on the sofa, but I'm kinda thinking about cleaning out the closet under the stairs....there's enough room for a small desk and it would give me all the quiet/privacy I need!
Jen said…
Uhm, can I come to your house and write? LOL. I want that sun deck! Awesome post, lady.

Jennifer Lane said…
I agree with Jen--I'll be right over. :) I like the variety of writing spots, but the butler's pantry spoke to me in particular. When I was a kid sometimes I liked to burrow in my closet with a little lamp and read books, and that reminded me of that memory.
Katie Gates said…
Hi Nicki, I just linked over here from Lydia Kang's blog. Love this post and the corresponding tour. My computer (i.e., where I write) is in a corner of my kitchen (I live in a 1-BR apt, so the options are limited.) The space is perfect. And I, too, have a good old-fashioned dictionary within reach at all times! Congrats on your novel (love the title!). I look forward to more posts, and I hope you'll drop by my blog as well.
Anonymous said…
oooh, pretty! Now I want a wine fridge in my office. In fact, am now wondering what took me so long to realize that...
Amos Keppler said…
Mostly in my living room. I only use the laptop when I'm traveling. Here I have everything within an arm's length.

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