We Did It!!!

Sing it with me... We are the champions, my frie-ends, we'll keep on fightin' 'til the end...  Or if you like it 2005 World Champion White Sox style... Don't stop believin'...  But you know who says it best? YOU! Your faithful cheers and poetry and songs not only made my day every single day last week, they took us straight to the top. Thank You! And thanks for your comments on the animaknights featured here---I'm so happy everyone enjoyed them as much as I did.

Let's let the Fallen Monkey say it for all of us, eh? This was her 3-part Joust comment on Friday:

I sought a soothsayer to divine Lady Elson’s fate,
and what she had to say was great!
“Gather three vine leaves with spots,” said she,
“as the first of which you must bring to me..."

“Next fetch me twenty rodents’ toes,
and you will ease Lady Elson’s woes.
But not before you bring of thine
that which you hold most divine…”

“But Lady Elson is whom I hold divine!”
And to my plea, she replied, “That’s fine.
Bring her to me so I may hold her hand
and only then shall we understand
how vine leaves, toes, and the Lady three
can only spell out VICTORY!

I must also thank my fellow knights. For without them, there would've been no one to knock off of the ponies, am I right? I tip my giant stick thingy to the fabulous Star Knight (a/k/a Ellie Garrat), K.E.N. (a/k/a K.E. Nowinsky), Sir Burns (a/k/a Melanie Schulz), Xanthus Ehrensvard (a/k/a Christine Rains), Ghost Knight (a/k/a Angela Brown), Lady of the Lab (Sandra Ulbrich Almazon), Sir Elias Gargarin Tavish (a/k/a Karen Elizabeth Brown), Lady Patricia Lynne, and especially Lady Mary (a/k/a Mary Waibel), who put up such a formidable challenge, I was left with no choice but to activate my own personal Torchwood on the final day.

And gramerci (that means "thank you"---I looked it up) to M. Pax and all the other hosts of Realms Faire events. It was a splendid and most excellent good time. All I hoped to gain from this experience was to have some fun and make everyone on the internet just a little bit a'scared of me, but it turns out I get prizes too!  I'll share a picture of my spoils when they arrive.

And again, thank youuuuuu!


Congratulations on winning, Nicki!
Johanna Garth said…
Congratulations on the big win :)
D.G. Hudson said…
Congrats! I said I was betting on you in one of my comments. I just watched from the sidelines, but it must have been your passionate embrace of the game that won the day.
F. Stone said…
I am so pleased; we all had so much fun with you.
Congrats, Nicki! I think you may have won a free eBook from me. Please e-mail me (ulbrichalmazanATsbcglobalDOTnet) or post on my blog which story you'd like, what format, and which e-mail address to send it to. Thanks!
LD Masterson said…
Woo woo! Congratulations.
Janie Junebug said…
You kicked butt!

M Pax said…
Woo hooo! Thank you for lending the event your awesome jousting skills, and many Huzzahs to your wonderful cheerers. :)

Cause I'm insane the 2014 badge is already up...
Kittie Howard said…
Woo Hoo! Congratulations! A good time was had by all in the kingdom!
Hi Nicki - congratulations .. it all sounds as though it's been loads of fun with all those Knights of the Blogging Realm around you ..

Cheers Hilary
StratPlayerCJF said…
Hi! Missed this yesterday due to no power (storms on Sunday), but wanted to wish you a hearty Congratulations! I'm glad you pulled off the victory!

(And I loved Fallen Monkey's poem!)
Julie Flanders said…
Woo-hoo! Congratulations, Nicki! :)
Congrats Nicki!
Sounds like you had loads of fun!
Writer In Transit
Jennifer Lane said…
I tip my sword to you (if that's something that people used to do ha ha) with clips of my favorite jousting move, A Knight's Tale!

fallen monkey said…
If you could only see how much I am blushing underneath all this fur...

Wow, what an honor to be part of your VICTORY POST! HUZZAH, indeed!!! You are maaaahhhvelous, Lady Elson. Thou art brilliant, and I hopest thou enjoy the bounty bestowed on ye.
Liz Blocker said…
That was seriously a ton of fun :) Congrats on the win!!!
Congrats Nicki! You had some worthy opponents.

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