Medieval versus 80s - What's Your Poison? #grogz

Aww, dost though think yon squirrel is verily stuffed into yon suit of armor?

The Joust continues at the fair M.Pax's blog, so if ye be so inclined, pray thee go thither, my lords and ladies, and speakest these good words (cheering open until 8pm EST):

Lady Elson * Three * Divine  

Ugh. You have NO idea how long it took me to write that. Every time I try to talk Medieval, it comes out all piratey...or drunk Irish. So now I revert to 80s-speak:

I, like, totally appreciate all the awesome comments you're leaving at the Joust. You guys are cracking me up! Totally. Don't forget, your way cool comments at the Joust get you entered to win prizes. Cool beans, right? Today's awesome prizes are:

  • ebook copy of either NeverLove or The All Fall Down by Angela Brown
  • $25 Amazon gift card from Melanie Schulz
  • copy of The Newstead Project by Melanie Schulz
Medieval Poison

80s Poison


Liz Blocker said...

LOL. Where are you finding these pictures of rodents in armor??? They're hilarious. I'm off to the Joust - although I think I forgot to include your name in my comment yesterday. OOPS. I'm sorry! I'll get it in there today...

Julie Flanders said...

OMG I love that squirrel. And I'm a total 80s girls so I love these clips too.
Fare thee well, Lady Knight!

Neurotic Workaholic said...

That squirrel looks so cute! It makes me want to dress up my parents' dogs like that.

Jennifer Lane said...

SQUIRREL! I'm traumatized forever by that photo. Love love love The Princess Bride!

StratPlayerCJF said...

The squirrel's a knightly laugh, but I'm loving the clip from "The Princess Bride." One of my favorite movies. :)

D.G. Hudson said...

I wonder if anyone was bitten trying to stuff that squirrel in that armor? He has a good tailor. The Lancelot of the Tree World.

Janie Junebug said...

I have commented today, and you and the joust are in my current blog post. You go, Lady Elson!


M Pax said...

Splendid armor!

Now I want to go put in my dvd of Princess Bride.

Maurice Mitchell said...

That's gotta be a stuffed squirrel! Huzzah! My favorite quote from Bride.