Let's Kick Some Metallic Booty #grogz

I found exactly five adorable pictures of animals all knighted up, which means you can expect one each day of the Realms Faire & Joust. Here's a link to today's post, where you have until 8pm EST to cheer for the knights. I just realized that Lady Elson counts as one of my words, so, if you'd like to cheer for me, simply leave a comment at M. Pax's daily post using any combo of these words:

Lady Elson *  Three * Divine

If you're not sure what to say, here are some of the comments that made me smile big yesterday. Cutting and pasting is not against the rules. ;)

This is Three times Divine

Divine things come in threes!

Huzzah for the divine Lady Nicki Elson.

Three cheers for her quest and what-not…Hip, hip huzzah!

The tale of Lady Elson is indeed most divine, with her daring-do against the Daves a-three!

Thank you, thank you for helping this Lady to not feel like a loser. Your comments at the Joust get you entered to win a prize!  Today's prize is:

  • ebook copy of the 13th Floor Complete Collection by Christine Rains
  • $20 Amazon gift card from K. E. Nowinsky
  • copy of Going Off Dreams by K. E. Nowinsky


How in the world did they get that Guinea Pig to sit still for that?! LOL
D.G. Hudson said…
Was that kitten in the chainmail I saw yesterday one of them? Very inspiring. Good luck in the jousts, Lady Elson. I will try to check out the Realms Faire today.
StratPlayerCJF said…
All that scale armor has got to make it hard to run in both the hamster wheel and the plastic roller ball...

Janie Junebug said…
The photos are hilarious. I am faithful and true and have commented today and yesterday.

Kittie Howard said…
Dropped three comments today and hit the Pinterest logo to my account. Hope this helps!

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