No Joust is Complete without a Dark Knight... #grogz

I've be dying to share this clever cat with you. Isn't it freaky? And it turns out Lady Elson just may be the dark knight of this joust---I had no expectations of getting this close to the lead; I just didn't want to show up with nothin'---but yesterday we closed the gap to 6 votes!!!

So I humbly ask, if thee hath energy left for one last push, get thee to the final joust and cheer Lady Elson, Divine, and Three. Each cheerer will be allowed to leave three comments, earning a total of 9 points, if it be not too much trouble...

Let us make the other knights Feel the forsooth*!
(*quoted from Sir Chris Fries, who spoke Medieyoda yesterday

The prizes at today's Joust are: 
  • ebook copy of either Being Human or Snapshots by Patricia Lynne
  • A signed paperback of choice by M. Pax
  • CD of Czech Fairy Tales by Dennis Strachota
  • $25 Amazon Giftcard from Kimberly Afe

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for making this week so funneth!


Julie Flanders said…
Oh my gosh this is my favorite one yet. Creepy but I love this kitty!

Woo-hoo, good luck on the final stretch!
Tracitalynne said…
Go Lady Elson!
D.G. Hudson said…
We're bettin' on you! But best of luck to all jousters!
Steven said…
Now I've seen that and a Loki cat in the past 24 hours. Wow...
fallen monkey said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
fallen monkey said…
As they would with the fiercest of dragons, these critters of the knighthood you've been posting (wait for it) SLAY me.


But seriously, this joust has been the Queen's knees! Though I kicketh mine own arse for not realizing it was going on until yesterday! And then not getting my third comment in last night! And then submitting three tonight but forgetting to include the keyword "three" in the second one (blame the wine)! Maybe M. Pax will cut me some slax and count the numeric "3" I used to number that entry as Part 2 of 3...

Whatever the result,
I raise me goblet of mead to thee
and toast LADY ELSON! DIVINE! and THREE!
Janie Junebug said…
That photo is so cute. I left my three comments. I want you to win. I am so competitive.

Tara Tyler said…
tooooo cool!!!
i voted! quite an event!
long time no see! glad you stopped by! hope all is well for you!
Hope you did it! Sorry I've been gone all week and unable to really participate.
Morgan said…
Ha! Too fun! I've loved seeing the posts this week. :)

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