Hey, I'm over at Theresa Milstein's today talking about Celery Tree, a brand new site for readers and authors.  Please stop by if you have a moment.

Also, thank you to everyone who weighed in on my book titles yesterday.  I think what I get from the feedback is that I need to go back to the drawing board.  The Angel Sin's appears to be the most zippy, but I'm not sure it will catch the right fish, as Suze so eloquently put it.  So, my new carrot to dangle as I chisel away on draft #2 will be to come back to y'all with a morsel of description and a new set of titles. Except I'm going to think of the carrot as celery because carrots are gross.

Aaand, just to give you a reason to look forward to Monday---Suze, M.Pax, and I have decided to break our Blogfest cherries as a threesome and will bring you a flirty, fun & freaking-awesome fest that you are, like, totally going to want to join. ;)    


And I was just there!
LR said…
I'm an 80's child, too. Good times.
DL Hammons said…
I'm announcing a blogfest on Wednesday next week. How fun!! :)
Your post at Theresa's is brilliant! Nice job, Nicki!!
You did a great job at Theresa's blog. And I have found that readers will surprise in what books of mine they like the best. Send all your flock into the flow and see what the world thinks of them, Roland
Jennifer Lane said…
Carrots are GROSS? *cries* Hee hee.
Tara Tyler said…
awesome! looking forward to it!
Janie Junebug said…
Have I invited you to join my blog since I went private? If I haven't, please send me the email address to use to hook you up with this coveted invitation.

Janie Junebug, who used to be Lola
Unknown said…
Great post and I dig celery tree ... thanks for the heads up!
Old Kitty said…
Yay for you being over at lovley Theresa's and being with the Celery Tree!!

p.s. you have amazing eyes!! Truly! I'll remember them when I create a character - hope you don't mind - I'm just so drawn to them!

Take care
Misha Gerrick said…
Awesome! I can't wait to see what you're going to do with your blogfest. :-)
Thanks for visiting my blog!

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