80s Sighting: Strawberry Shortcake

With my children now teenagers, it appears I'm woefully uninformed on what's currently hot in Toddler Pop Culture. So how surprised was I to walk into my niece's third birthday party this weekend and find the place decked out in that sweetie from the 80s---Strawberry Shortcake!

To be honest, I probably would've been oblivious to the fruit-themed confection throughout the 80s too if I hadn't had a younger sister who was way into her.  My only personal memory of the Fraulein of Fraises is a vague recollection of one of my sister's dolls smelling like blueberries.  

Anyhow, she's baaaack---with a few choice updates, like trading in the Laura Ingalls look for a snappy mini-dress, poufy newsboy cap, and sassy mary-janes, and losing the stubby red yarn in favor of lucious pink waves. 

Does the strawberry princess hold a special place in your memories?
Have you spotted her anywhere while you've been out & about lately?
What do you think of her makeover?


Sorry, it wasn't my thing. That should come as no surprise though!
I never watched it, but my 7 year old BOY has been known to watch the new series when he can't be bothered to change channels!
Stephsco said…
I used to have strawberry shortcake stuff in the 80s, but she was replaced by Rainbow Brite. Both are so dated looking now. The strawberry update is pretty cute - I wonder if Rainbow Brite will come back? Care Bears are still around, too!
Jennifer Lane said…
"Fraulein of Fraises" LOL!!!

She looks way different. That's not the Strawberry Shortcake I know! Maybe she's hipper now, though.
Michael Di Gesu said…
She totally looks like a new girl... I don't think anyone will make the connection. Only by the name.

I guess that's the point.... sell to a new market.
Tara Tyler said…
i was more into hello kitty & smurfs. it all comes back!
Anonymous said…
I was more into He-Man, but the dessert item is one of my favorites.
dolorah said…
Strawberry Shortcake and Rainbow Brite were my daughter's favorites. But her daughter is into Dora and Tinker Bell.

Just not the same :)

M Pax said…
Nice makeover. I was a bit old for the Strawberry, but I do remember her.
My two little girls had Strawberry Shortcake dolls, Holly Hobbie wallpaper, Little Ponies....ah, those were the days! So cute and innocent. Now it's Brattz dolls LOL. And I don't care for the makeover. I like the kind of Raggedy Ann look of the '80s Strawberry Shortcake.
Anonymous said…
I didn't know they gave her a makeover. I love the older version, since it has special 80s memories for me.
Suze said…
We-e-e-ll, I've a seven-going-on-eight-year old, so ... yeah. I've seen 'er in all her luscious pink waves glory.

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