80s Sighting: a-ha Saves the Day on Chuck Series Finale!

On Chuck vs. the Goodbye:

The set-up:  Under General Beckman's chair is a bomb set to go off as soon as the music stops...and the symphony's about to end.

To the rescue: Jeffster (a rock band comprising Jeff and Lester, two disturbing nerds who work at the Buy More).

Of all the day-saving, climax-worthy songs they could've chosen to belt out at this most crucial moment---the final mission by NBC's Team Bartowski after 5 seasons---Jeffster chose.... 

Rock on, Jeffster. If that got you jonesing for the 80s, might I suggest you take a gander at the Tumble 4 Ya blogfest?  Much thanks to everyone who's already joined!  I can't wait to see everyone's choices.


Anne Gallagher said…
Missed the finale, but gotta love the nerds saving the day. Now I've got that song in my head.
Seems like a lot of people will miss Chuck.
Anonymous said…
Hi, Nicki. I have to admit the 80s wasn't my time, as you probably realized today when you commented on my post about writing about my childhood, which was the 40s and 50s. Thanks for stopping by. And now I'm going to stop by the Celery Tree forum to see if you've posted something since I was last there.
Ann Best, Author of In the Mirror & Other Memoirs
Unknown said…
We haven't gotten this season of Chuck yet. :( but that being said my first crush was without a doubt Chris Isaac and for a very brief period Ricky Ashley. It bears mentioning that I still harbour tender feelings for Chris.
Tara Tyler said…
never seen it, what am i missing?

looking forward to the fest too! the 80s were a blast!
Anonymous said…
I never watched Chuck, although I have friends who like the show. I do like Jessica Alba though!
M Pax said…
I loved the Buy More Staff. Jeffster rocks.

I was just singing "Ask me, ask me, ask me," yesterday. For some reason the song just flitted into my head.
I watched the first season but not any of the others. The Buy More bits were the best parts as well as Adam Baldwin but the spy stuff was annoying.
Heather Murphy said…
Oh this sounds like a blast! Can you give the code for your button so that I can copy it on my blog?
See ya on the 10th!
Janie Junebug said…
I'm sorry. I don't understand. I've never seen the show nor do I know the song. The significance of almost everything is lost on me.

Janie Junebug
Janie Junebug said…
Oh, I saw your discussion questions about Three Daves, so I decided to tell you about The Hurricane's Davids. Her dad is David; her brother is David; her college adviser was David; she, uh, did the nasty with a David in England; and now she's dating a Frenchman named David. Obviously, you need more Daves if you want to have as much fun as The Hurricane.

Suze said…
That song's intro is so freaking evocative!
Suze said…
Ha! Just noticed the keytar.

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