Spooktacular Giveaway Hop

That's right folks, it's here - one whole week of Spoooooktacular giveaways, hosted by I am a Reader, Not a Writer. Hop around this list of over 400 participants to win so many prizes, it's scary!

At my place, I'm giving away an eBook of my 80s chick lit/romance novel, Three Daves, to 5 winners. To enter, all you have to do is answer the very personal and revealing question in the Rafflecopter below (tweeting, liking & following are optional but will win you extra bats in the bellfry).

The answers coming in through the Rafflecopter are cracking me up! 

Neon sweatshirts. Definitely.

no mobile phones or internet.

big hair and mullets YECH!

You get the picture. Now...tell me your 80s fears...

And what do you get when you cross the retro 1980s
with the current zombie trend?


a Rafflecopter giveaway


Suze said…
I heard that song in a store, tonight.

Life moves fast, doesn't it? I can't believe actual decades have piled on. (Sigh.)
Michael Di Gesu said…
Hi, Nicki,

GREAT HOP... it would take the rest of the year to get through all those wonderful blogs. LOL

Great giveaway! I already have my copy.
Janie Junebug said…
I don't do ebooks and I already have my hard copy of "Three Daves," but I recommend it to anyone who might consider entering. And if you don't win, then you should buy this adorable book by the great Nicki Elson.

Nick Wilford said…
Fun giveaway. Nice to meet you, thanks for stopping over at my blog!
Wendy said…
That is one of the best questions I've seen on a rafflecopter. Thank you! I got lots of laughs out of that.

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