A Chat with Lady Gallagher

The talented and wonderful Anne Gallagher has invited me over for an "Inside the Writer's Studio" sort of thing at her Piedmont Writer blog, so please stop over at Anne's if you have the time and join the discussion.


D.G. Hudson said…
I like Anne's blog, will check it out.
Don't tell me what to do!
Michael Di Gesu said…
Hi, Nicki ...

I am STILL HERE! They won't let me leave! I want our super belated birthday drink. Taurus is officially over.... as of last week! DAMN!

It looks like three more weeks to finish up this design project maybe more. It all depends on the custom work.

I hope all is well with you....
Kittie Howard said…
I dropped by, Nicki, and took the test again. I'm still me, three tests later, LOL. Left a comment, but not sure which blog it appeared on.

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