Two Spooky Blogfests

Just wanted to give you a heads up on two cool blogfests coming up for Halloween.They're easy and fun and give us an opportunity to flex our writing muscle, Halloween style.

This Friday, Brenda Drake is hosting the Can you Leave Us Breathless Blogfest Contest.   On October 21 post an excerpt---up to 300 words---from your novel or other writings to your blog. If you want, you can write something new for the contest. It can be scary, romance, a thrill ride, a twist. It can be any genre. All you have to do is leave readers breathless.


On Halloween, Tara Tyler is hosting the Haunted DrabbleWrite a spooky 100 word story & post on Halloween. Post your link in comments at Tara's on 10/31.  She might be giving out a treat to her favorite Haunted Drabble. 


Suze said…
Signed up for Brenda's blogfest. Thanks for letting us know about it.
Oooh I'm so burned out on blogfests for a while. I think I'm just gonna sit quietly and coast until Christmas.
I'm already participating in Elizabeth Mueller's blogfest on October 31 for the release of her first book.
Donna Shields said…
I think I may sign up for Brenda's. Thanks for the heads up.
I might stick my Machno Witch story on one of these.
Kittie Howard said…
Thanks for the info, Nicki. I'm happy to help Elizabeth celebrate.

Nicki, I'm getting ready to post about needing help about how best to e-pub my Christmas story. I'm not only confused but frustrated. Please, please, pass on how you went about it. Many Thanks!!!
Kittie Howard said…
Oops, two releases...gonna look at the calendar!
Tara Tyler said…
thanks so much for the shout out! i'm into 3 daves and loving Jen! I can't wait to see what happens next!
L.C. said…
Ooo, thanks for the heads up! I'll definitely check 'em out.
Janie Junebug said…
I wrote a comment that was incredibly witty, but I think it disappeared. Anyway, I promised that if you follow me you will be able to curse without censoring yourself. And I am following you.

Anonymous said…
I wish we had halloween in Australia, it sounds like so much fun. Trouble is spring just isn't the right time for it. Myabe that's why it hasn't caught on.
Oh, man, talk about a bootcamp crunch time for our writerly muscle! Yipe!

Thanks for the heads up, Nicki!


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