I shall henceforth be known as: Local Woman

That's right, I've hit the small time---I am "Local woman" according to the headline in the free newspaper that will smack down on asphalt driveways throughout my town tomorrow morning.  Local Woman.  I feel like I ought to go out and get myself some sort of superhero costume.  "Oh no! I don't know which store has the best deal on cream of mushroom soup!"  "This sounds like a job for...Local Woman."

This pic you see here, that's my Clark Kent look.  You won't even know it's me when I'm in my Local Woman garb, but I'll give you a  hint---it'll most likely involve a Batavia Bulldogs sweatshirt, black leggins, a Darth Vader helmet, a Harry Potter robe, and possibly Spongebob shoes. Cuz I'm fairly certain I can scrounge all of that together on very short notice.    


fallen monkey said…
Hmm, I wonder who Local Woman's arch nemesis would be...

Does the Commissioner of Batavia send you the signal of a giant Longaberger basket in the sky?

Well done, you! You modest thing, leaving it for me to find out about on your blog! Little stinker.
Nicki Elson said…
Hullo schweetie pie. ;) Haha--the Basket-Signal. Hey, speaking of Batavia, I have a lovely little coffee shop we must visit next time you're in town.

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