The Smallest Thread of Hope, an interview with Feather Stone #Forbidden

I'm thrilled to be taking part in the tour for this wonderful, wonderful novel. You can click on the graphic below to read my five-star review at Goodreads.

For my part of the tour, I asked Feather to answer one question: If you had to pick one song that best captures the essence of Forbidden, which song would you choose and why?

Feather Stone: What an honor to be a guest on the blog of my mentor. Thank you, Nicki.

Forbidden required that I unleash my very best writing skill to expose Forbidden’s characters’ unforgiveable worst, deepest sorrow, most twisted truth. Hopelessness permeated the plot.

I gave Forbidden’s protagonist characters the smallest thread of hope. Together Captain Sharif and Eliza discovered something that has no form, not bound by rules, and is without corruption. It is more powerful than weapons or armor. It is the power of love.

Only through love did Hashim Sharif and Eliza MacKay discover the truth about their past and move beyond crippling lies. In spite of their dissimilar backgrounds, love defeated cultural barriers or need to change the other. Love laid the fertile ground for trust, compassion, and respect.

Even in the face of terrible loss and death, Hashim and Eliza stood at the precipice without fear. They had the power of love.

The one song that epitomizes Forbidden is "Powerof Love" sung by Celine Dion. Though the lyrics express romantic love, the melody and the passion with which she sings is synonymous with Forbidden’s theme of love. The beat reminds me of a heartbeat, racing during a survival struggle, or in the throes of passion. It delivers the passion that inspired Sharif to forgive his parents, risk aborting his loyalties and face his tormentors. Eliza put her trust in the man who had orders to perform her execution because … well, I shouldn’t say too much. No spoilers here J.

Forbidden’s editorial by Leigh Carter: "There are several love stories in Forbidden - love of a woman for her children, love of a man for his faith and country, love of close friends, and the knife-edge love between a man and a woman.  And if that's not enough to hold a reader's interest, there is also a rip-roaring tale of murder, betrayal, political intrigue and suspense.  Forbidden is a multi-layered page-turner.  No matter what readers hope to find in this book, they won't be disappointed."

Forbidden Book Trailer by Igge Scoce


One song completely captured one of my books as well.
Nick Wilford said…
Congrats to Feather! This sounds like quite a ride.
CMash said…
I read this book and it was one of the best books I read this year! Power Of Love....perfect for this book!
Anonymous said…
Thank you, Nicki. It is so thrilling to be a guest on your blog.

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