Keep warm this winter with #LOVE. Jeepers It's January #Giveaway

Welcome to the 2nd annual Jeepers It's January Giveaway Hop hosted by The Kids Did It and The Mommy Island.  My theme for this hop is - keep warm this winter with LOVE.

Don't you just LOVE a new romance? Does it make you want to dance? Maybe it's because we know everyone has to overcome some sort of hurdle - whether external or internal - to be able to take that leap into LOVE. In the three stand-alone novels of The It Series, each main character is a young urban professional who pushes LOVE to the sidelines only to discover it's all that matters.

In WHEN IT HITS YOU, Lyssa Bates thinks she can replace men with electronic toys.
(Special release pricing of only 99 cents until Valentine's Day!)

In WHEN IT HOOKS YOU, Trish Cerise sets a 3-date limit on her LOVE life.

In WHEN IT HOLDS YOU, Cliff Walsh vows to keep his romances digital-only.

[Click the book titles above to read full blurbs & reviews.]

My prize is a $5 gift card to Amazon that you can use toward whatever you LOVE.

Also, everyone who enters by subscribing to my author e-mail list will receive a free e-single prequel to The It Series! 


dolorah said…
Those are interesting tag lines :)
Wanda Tracey said…
Thanks for the great giveaway! I love reading and I would buy a good book. Keep warm this winter with #LOVE. Enter to #win an Amazon gift card. Receive a #FREE ebook. #Giveaway #Romance
Wow, that's a lot of participants.
I love romances; I always think a story is more interesting if there's romance in it. If there's no romance than I usually lose interest.

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